Interesting graduates of SHS

Metredith Maiorana, Editor-in-Chief

Matt Axner


University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Major: Business


MM: What college are you attending?

MA: I am attending The University of Michigan.   


MM: What was the major deciding factor in attending that school?

MA: The opportunities. UMich has virtually unlimited connections to the world, and is highly regarded in practically all areas, especially business, my current major of interest.


MM: What was it like deciding between two schools (University of Michigan and Ohio State University) that are rivals in sports?

MA: It was an interesting experience, to say the least! Whenever I was discussing my decision with someone at or connected to one of the schools, it made for some awkward moments when I told them I may be attending their rival school. Other than that, it’s not that much different than any other decision.


MM: What are you most excited for next year?

MA: I am most excited to meet the people that I will make lifelong memories with and continue to be friends with for a long time!

Mara Whelan

Ringling College of Art and Design

Sarasota, Florida

Major: Illustration


MM: What college are you attending?

MW: Ringling college of Art and Design


MM: What was the major deciding factor in attending that school?

MW: Ringling is known for its rigorous courses as well as having some of the best programs for animation and illustration. Many of the graduates get jobs in some of the top companies in the art industry. Not to mention I personally feel Ringling is the best school to push me in my work allowing me to improve and help me be successful as an artist.


MM: What made you want to go to art school?

MW: I’ve known I’ve wanted to go to art school since 7th grade, which is also the time I started taking my art seriously. I originally wanted to become a vet but the realization that [harming animals] (even for their own good) wasn’t something I wanted to do and art was something that I was good at and enjoyed.


MM: What are you most excited for next year?

MW: I’m most excited to start seeing the change in my work as I get guidance from my professors and peers.


MM: What are you majoring in?

MW: I’ll be majoring in illustration as well as working for a minor in visual development.


MM: What are your hopes for the future?

MW: It’s my dream to work as a concept artist or storyboard artist for animation companies, game companies, or in the comic book industry.

Chris Hrich

Kent State University

Kent, Ohio

Major: Computer Science and Information Security/ Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)


MM: What college are you attending?

CH: So for the next four years, I’ll be attending Kent State University as a cadet with the Air Force ROTC program. I was offered a full scholarship which covers tuition, book fees, and even has a monthly stipend on top. Because I had previously taken honors and AP classes at [SHS,] and took a full college [course] load of 30 credit hours through college credit plus, the Air Force Commander of the detachment at Kent would like to push out a masters degree in four years. This option will allow me to graduate college around the same time that most everyone else is, however, I’ll be capable of having a masters degree.


MM: What was the major deciding factor in attending that school?

CH:The major deciding factor in staying at Kent was the fact that I could keep my job at Heinen’s. I’ve been working full time at Heinen’s since July of 2016, and I needed a school that was close enough for me to keep the job. Since I’ve actually been working there for just over three years, I’m eligible for different benefits including a higher pay rate and more vacation and personal days.


MM: What made you want to do ROTC?

CH: The ROTC program was always a big option for me because I’ve wanted to serve in the military since middle school. This opportunity will allow me to launch my career with a paid off degree and also military experience should I decide not to stay in as a career, and find a civilian job.


MM: What are you most excited for next year?

CH: I’m most excited for the challenges that next year will bring me. This year, it has been difficult working my classes at Kent and my work schedule together, however, it’ll be a totally different game when I’m living on campus and have to plan my time management around the travel time to and from classes and Heinen’s.

MM: What are you majoring in?

CH: I’ll be majoring in Computer Science with a special concentration in Information Security. This degree will then allow me to enter the Air Force Cyberspace Security program as a second lieutenant.


MM: What are your hopes for the future?

CH: My future goals include having a successful career in the United States military and traveling all over the world. With any luck, I’ll be receiving new assignments every two years that will allow me to knock out both of those goals.

(Note: all photos courtesy of interviewee)