Top five Coachella outfits

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Sophia Ferrazza, Contributing Writer

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and festival season is in full swing. It’s the best time of the year for fashion lovers, food lovers, art lovers and music lovers. Weekend after weekend there is a festival happening: Firefly, Camp Flog Gnaw, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza and many more. However, the most recent and maybe the greatest festival of all time is Coachella. Now, fashion is a huge part of Coachella, and year after year the styles change and become bigger and better. None of these looks are listed in any specific order, they are just outfits that caught my eye and have influenced my personal style and now hopefully yours. Let’s break down the styles from this years Coachella festival.

Allison Fish courtesy of her Instagram (@allisonfishh).

1. The first outfit was worn by Allison Fish, a college student with a strong Instagram following of 6,204. She is wearing a blue top from I. AM. GIA, a blue skirt from Urban Outfitters and black platform Dr. Martens paired with blue sunglasses and blue earrings. The color combination of blue is amazing. You don’t see a lot of people wearing the color combination of blue. The outfit is perfect for the desert heat. The butterfly skirt is not too short to feel uncomfortable, but not too long to be dying in the heat. The top has thin straps, which also helps with the temperature. Now, onto the black color statement. The black platform boots are a huge trend this season, and one of my favorites especially styled with a feminine skirt like Fish. Fish added a crossbody black fanny pack, which is a great color to add with all the blue. Plus, it is the perfect fashion statement that holds all your stuff.

Emma Chamberlain in Palm Springs courtesy of her Instagram (@emmachamberlain).

2. Onto the next outfit, worn by Emma Chamberlain a famous Youtuber. From watching Chamberlains videos I could tell she wanted to step up her outfits from last Coachella. Let’s see how she did. Chamberlain killed this look. The top and the shoes are a given festival necessity, so the chunky boots and the breathable top that is a little scandalous. However, the pants are a statement and an amazing one as a matter of fact. The pattern on the pants are groovy and unique, and the pink feathers on the bottom add a feminine look and a pop of color. You can’t see in this picture, but Chamberlain is wearing two pigtails at the top of her hair and the color of the ponytails are pink to match the feathers.

Mallory and Suzy at Coachella courtesy of Instagram (@malloryonthemoon).

3. The most iconic festival outfit is crochet. Having trouble thinking of an outfit? Go for a crochet look, always. Mallory Joy, a fashion blogger, rocked the rainbow crochet set with fringe on the sleeves and skirt. While the fabric and long sleeves may be hot for the desert, the holes from the crochet will let air in, making it breathable. Her shoes add a masculine touch to a very feminine vibe, also turning a bohemian outfit edgy. All in all, this outfit looks so comfortable for a long day of being on your feet and dancing. While this look may be a festival basic, she slayed the colors and fringe and made it her own, turning a go-to look to a unique and personable one.

Indy Blue courtesy of her Instagram (@indyblue_).

4. Indy Blue, a videographer who also is an Instagram influencer. Blue is known for wearing an extra outfit. This Coachella was definitely that moment for her. Nothing but extra describes this look. She wore a white two-piece set with red sparkle hearts. Not only did she rock this look, but she matched with one of her friends, making them the dynamic duo. Blue’s hair makes the whole look feel like Barbie, and she looks confident and funky enough to be Barbie as well. My favorite part of this outfit is the shoes, they are white knee high platform boots. They not only kill and finish off the outfit, but they need to be in my closet. Now. You know for sure Blue tried and might have successfully kept cool this festival wearing a light, all white outfit.

Rocky Barnes at Coachella courtesy of her Instagram (@rocky_barnes).

5. The final outfit of only some of my favorite looks was worn by no other than, Rocky Barnes, an Instagram influencer. She is wearing probably one of my most loved brands, For Love and Lemons. Also, similar to Blue, Barnes made the best decision to style all white to try to block the heat of the desert sun, while serving looks. The delicate flower design is beautiful on the very girly dress. Adding the corset over the top hugs her beautiful figure, and at the same time makes her appear fierce. The corset makes a daily dress a killer festival outfit. Another pair of white knee-high boots that I also need in my closet. I love that the boots Barnes give her outfit have a country twist. She has a whole lot of vibes and she looks stellar.

Wrapping up my top five favorite outfits, they all have a feminine look with a masculine twist, which hasn’t just been a Coachella outfit, but also one for influencers, celebrities and the common people. Next time you are planning to go to a festival, whether it’s Coachella or Laurel Live, let these influencers help you pick your outfit to be super fashion forward.