10 Not-So-Typical and General Summer Bucket List Ideas


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Lara Decastecker, Contributing Writer

When the sun is beating down on you, and some friends have trips to Florida or California, it’s easy to get disheartened that you’ll waste the two months of summer if some of it is spent at home. Nonetheless, summer is about enjoying yourself, not overextending yourself. See, it’s the best time to enjoy yourself since there’s an excess of time to explore your surroundings and passions. You can even take on finding and trying new things. The following 10 ideas can act as a catalysts for spicing up your summer.

1. Create a summer playlist

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Occasional rainy days staying home alone may create a damp mood, and music can add the sunshine that is needed (though going outside is the best remedy…). Artists I’d recommend in the genre I’m familiar with (indie/alternative/r&b) include: Clairo, Bazzi, boy pablo, ODIE and Bad Suns.

They’re all artists with lots of instrumental, feel-good beats and soothing voices. On another hand, some song ideas to pick from in different music genres are in this link from a Pandora playlist.

2. Host a pool party

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Overlap it with a birthday, and it’s one of the safest, yet most enjoyable in-town summer experiences. Try to invite close friends and those you’re comfortable with instead of having a full house party with strangers– it would be a hassle and add stress to do so. Also, bringing water guns is highly recommended. Remember to bring extra towels, poolside lounge chairs and sunblock! Oh, and the hundred different bags of chips.

3. Have a bonfire party

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Might it be at a beach, lake, or the backyard of a friend’s house, bonfires are perfect for late night stargazing and bonding over childhood stories. You could make it simple or have an elaborate dinner (potluck maybe?). Furthermore, marshmallows are a must bring! Theme ideas for your bonfire to jazz it up are a barbecue or do it as part of a birthday party. Also, it’d be amazing to have while watching the fireworks on July 4th.

4. Go kayaking

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Kayaking is an easy activity to learn and can be especially fun with family. If you exert yourself and work on your arm strength, it’s worth it if you’re up to be a bit exhausted afterwards. Otherwise, kayaking could be a relaxing adventure in the water. Additionally, some places you can rent a kayak at are Breakaway Excursions and Great Lakes Watersports.

5. Do a large puzzle

The Family Campsite, a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle that is only $15.

Yes, it may sound lame on the surface, but it can be a bonding experience with friends or family that you can treasure. You’ve got the time, patience during summer to create a beautiful masterpiece!




6. Have a movie marathon

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Once again, it’s a potential wonderful nostalgic experience that you can have with close friends or family to go back in time. Some ideas are “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “James Bond,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “Spiderman”. These are all well known movies which have been loved by movie critics and the vast media alike. Additionally, a necessity for movie marathons is snacks since what else can you do meanwhile? The Fitbit blog showcases some healthy movie night essentials in “8 Healthy Snack Ideas for Movie Night.”

7. Go to the West Side Market (Address: 1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113)

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A nice, close place to Solon is West Side Market. There is a lot to explore there and amazing food. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity for a place to go with friends because of the murals they have around for pictures and the little food shops stationed around it.


8. Learn how to embroider

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Embroidery is a useful, de-stressing, and easy artistic skill to learn for artists and non-artists alike. You can add special looks to your possessions, including shirts, pants and backpacks. It’s a really nice potential present idea as well once you get the hang of it. Embroidery 101 by Instructables craft has step by step instructions on how to start out! All that is needed is threat, a needle and an embroidery hoop.

9. Have a picnic

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Picnics year-round are nice, but in the summer they are definitely preferred. Since the weather is perfect for laying on the grass and there’s the time for thoughtful preparation. Also, it’s an opportunity to have an enjoyable meal! Make sure to bring the essentials: a blanket of sorts, lots of fruits and sandwich-making necessities to your meeting spot. Some ideas for the meeting spot are a local park, backyard and near a nature walk. The important aspect is having it on grass, duh.

10. Learn to penny board

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Skateboarding is all the rage right now, and penny boarding is a segment of this emerging fad. It’s an easier form of skateboarding to learn and it ultimately doesn’t take much time– only some patience at the very beginning and bucket loads of balance. Penny Skateboards is one of the most qualified websites to a pennyboard buy from, and the prices range from $61.99-$159.99.

Taking on one of these ideas would surely be a perfect answer to the typical first school question: “what did you do over the summer?” Summer is about more than just that though, you should spend your time wisely with those you love around you, learning about yourself and a plethora of new things.