Local holiday lights to look for


Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

The lights. The music. The annoyed neighbors. This could only mean one thing. Extreme holiday lights. Some people start getting lights out even before December, and when they light their houses with so many lights… you could probably see it from satellites in space. But it’s not just houses that get in on the action, towns like Strongsville, Medina and Chagrin Falls also have beautiful lights, as well as theaters.  Here are some good specific places to go to look at lights.

Playhouse Square

Every year Playhouse Square sets up The Festival of Trees which goes from Nov 23 to Dec 23. This event takes place at the Allen Theater in the lobby, where people can come for free to see gorgeous decorated trees.

The Lizanich Family Christmas Lights

It seems like nowadays, lights sometimes even come with songs. The Lizanich Family Christmas Lights at 11838 North Churchill Way in Strongsville is one of these houses. When you go look at the lights at this house, you can turn your radio to 93.3FM and you’ll be able to listen to the music that the lights are playing to. 

 Crown Point Parkway Festival of Lights

Another place to see lights in Strongsville is the Crown Point Parkway Festival of Lights Crown Point Pkwy. This place has many lights and blow-ups. It is open to the public from Thanksgiving to Jan 1. When you go there, you can also get hot chocolate and cookies, which is always a great bonus.

 Tagg’s Candy Cane Lane

Mayfield Heights also has some cool lights. One of these houses is on Tagg’s Candy Cane Lane, 1156 West Miner Rd. This is another house that is linked up to music, so when you pull up to the red and white candy canes lighthouse you can turn your radio to 107.1FM and hear the music along with the pretty lights.

Wherever you go, Christmas lights are sure to be seen whether you’re just driving around or in outer space. Have fun looking at lights and happy holidays.