Solon parents share their thoughts on students’ return to in-person learning

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Sophia Giallanza, Contributing Writer

The Solon Schools Board of Education published their decision regarding students returning to school amidst the pandemic on Friday, Sept. 18, at 5:43 p.m. as an email was sent to all parents of students enrolled in the Solon School system. The email provided Solon High School parents with a choice: Either send your child back to school for two days a week starting Oct. 19, and then have them spend the remaining three days online, or opt for all virtual learning. 

However, students of the elementary schools in the district have been back in person five days a week since Monday, Oct. 5 (unless opting for all virtual). Parents of these children have mixed feelings on the issue and the benefits their children will receive while in school. 

“It was really stressful having everyone at home and was definitely difficult to get my kids to keep up on school work without the structure of in-person school,” said the mother of a Roxbury elementary student, in support of in person school, Hyatt Bolden. 

Students have been utilizing online learning since last March after the COVID-19 pandemic began to reach Ohio. This is the first time in six months that school will officially be semi back in session. 

“I go back and forth between [returning to school] being the best thing that has happened, to it being the worst” said, mother of Solon High School students, Ciara O’Melia. “I feel like [returning to school] is the best thing for the kids socially but I am nervous that people will start getting sick.” 

O’Melia was not alone in her concern, the trend seems to lean towards parents being both excited and worried about the well being of their children and the schools specific plans for the re-opening process. 

“I have ambivalent feelings about students returning to the classrooms,” said mother of Solon High School student, Lisa Bednarski. “I work in the medical field and have seen the significant impact of COVID on people’s lives.” 

“However, I believe students learn best and are motivated by in person education by teachers and interaction with peers.” Bednarski said. 

Bednarski also brings up the point of how students’ mental health will be affected by these decisions and stresses the importance of taking this seriously. 

“Mental health is also another factor that parents and educators need to keep in mind,” said Bednarski, “Therefore, each individual family needs to make the best decision for their situation.”

As of right now, reopening plans for the High School are still scheduled to start on the assigned date. For more information on the re-opening process and the steps in place, refer to the Solon School’s website under the Announcements section.  

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