Big Ten football is back

Amara Keister, Contributing Writer

With the coronavirus pandemic going on right now, a lot of athletes struggle with ways to keep themselves entertained if their sport isn’t playing right now. Thankfully, Big Ten and many other division one football teams are  coming back Oct.24 which has a lot of fans excited .

Locally most of the students’ favorite college football team is Ohio State University which is currently ranked number two in the country right under Clemson. 

Lavelle McKnight, a senior football player is most looking forward to Ohio State facing off the University of Michigan on Dec. 12th. 

“They are rivals and it’s one of the best games of the entire season,” McKnight said 

With Big 10 and other college football teams coming back by the middle to end of October there are a lot of changes that are being made because of  the virus . 

Scott Siegel, a senior on the football team expressed the way he felt about all of the changes coming.

“One of the biggest events  I’ll miss from last year is actually getting to go to the games and experience the games in real life,” Siegel said.

Big ten along with many other college football teams have made many adjustments because of Corona when it comes to attending the games for fans.

Earlier this week Ohio State sent out some of their new rules regarding fans and the activities that come along with the games.

2020 game day preparations mentions the biggest change will be no tailgating on Ohio State’s campus and the university will be having the police patrolling the parking lots to make sure none of this happens.

Wearing a mask is mandatory throughout the whole Ohio State stadium and any staff member working at the game has to get a temperature check before being allowed into the stadium.

Along with that Ohio State will be having no fans in attendance during their games 656 of the tickets will go to the coaches and family members and coaches and family guests of the visiting team will only get 400 tickets. 

Because of the limited number of people attending the game Ohio State will be having cardboard cutouts that fans can purchase and will be left up for the entire season.


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