Gift Guide for the Holidays from Amazon


Jaclyn Rzepka, Contributing Writer

Gifting friends and family can strengthen bonds and lead to physiological benefits like boosting self-esteem and confidence. The social value of giving creates acceptance and value.

Americans will spend over $1 trillion on Christmas gifts this year. Gifts are very personal which is why the average American spends 15 hours shopping for presents. Due to COVID-19, the world has continued to migrate to online shopping. Technology is constantly changing and evolving. An estimated $97.1 billion is spent on technology during the holiday season.

Amazon is offering early Black Friday deals ranging from coffee makers, jewelry, clothes and much more. Amazon’s Holiday Dash deals are an easy and efficient way to buy presents for the holiday season from the comfort of your home.

Amazon Echo 10

Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 is the first motorized smart display. It costs $250 and has many unique features. It uses special technology to determine your location in a room and turn the screen to face you. The Echo Show 10 can stream music, movies and Youtube videos.

Although this gift is on the pricey side, Amazon has a variety of products to pick from at affordable prices. There are many different versions of Amazon’s Echo technology and offer multiple price and order options. They also offer a Prime feature which guarantees two-day free shipping.

Reusable straws

Reusable straws are easy to carry and use. While being stylish, they are good for the environment and can last a lifetime. A single reusable straw goes for $4 on Amazon and comes with a pipe cleaner and case. There are many different colors and styles to choose from.

The case is easy to transport and can also help save the turtles. Amazon offers aesthetically pleasing straws and also stylish and cozy clothing. 

Fuzzy robe

A robe is versatile and comfy. It can be worn whenever and never goes out of style. Amazon is currently selling numerous robes with different colors and patterns. The website offers heavy and lightweight robes for all different preferences. A fleece robe is $25 and is a great deal with Prime two-day shipping.

Along with comfy clothes comes stylish jewelry. Amazon offers an immense amount of jewelry ranging from earrings, to necklaces, and bracelets. They even offer designer dupes that are cost-efficient and look the same.

Imitation Cartier Love bracelet

Amazon is currently offering a Cartier Love bracelet dupe that looks identical to the real thing, except for a fraction of the cost. The bracelet goes for $25 and is very affordable. The bracelet is very popular and can be worn with any outfit. There are also numerous sizes and come in either silver or gold.

Nike Air Forces

Amazon is currently offering a variety of Air Forces with different styles and sizes. They are currently going for $110 and are stylish and trendy. They are all white and can go with any outfit. Amazon also offers the mid version, as well as the high top version.

Amazon offers a plethora of products that can come in 2 days or less. They even have a gift guide where customers can personalize their own list of gifts.