The benefits of joining the Solon High School Fashion Club

Fashion Club Board

Fashion Club Board

Lily Kniahynckyj, Contributing Writer

Students who are passionate about fashion are quick to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Solon High School Fashion Club is also helping to keep students up to date with the art of fashion and prepare for their futures. In Fashion Club, students learn about the fashion industry, how to design and many more crucial things that are needed for a career in Fashion. Solon High School Foods teacher, Mrs. Nicholas, is the creator of Fashion Club– she helps students who love fashion create their futures. The Fashion Club also discusses recent fashion events and trends, including Met Galas and fashion weeks.

“As far as projects go in Fashion Club, it’s all based on individual interests, so somebody that [is] more into designing will stretch their ideas and create their own clothing,” Nicolas said. “If someone is more into merchandising, they will create showcases and choreograph fashion shows for us. Others who are more on the business side will do styling and fundraising.”

Solon High School students are able to express their creative side when it comes to Fashion Club. They are able to sew clothes with the sewing machines provided, make vision boards with the aesthetic that they are trying to achieve, prepare for fashion shows as well as things like indulging in the business side of fashion. Creativity is one of the main focuses of Fashion Club, students are able to express their opinions in the fashion world. With Paris Fashion Week just ending, student Lily Gortz expressed her opinion on what styles she would have loved to see.

“I feel like in Paris, there is a lot of famous art, like Le Louvre so I think it would be cool if famous art would be made into fashion,” Gortz said.

In both the recent Met Gala and Paris Fashion Week, fashion designers designed clothes that will leave a lasting impact on people. Fashion Club is no different in keeping up and discussing recent fashion events. Not only does Fashion Club aid students with their desired part in the fashion world, but Fashion Club also helps students pick colleges that best suit them for their intended major in designing.

“Students are able to explore plans for their future career, we look at colleges that are relative to the career they want to enter, as well corporations which would match their interests and have guest speakers to help them figure out what direction they want to go along the way,” Nicholas said.

According to the article; 8 ways the coronavirus pandemic changed style and fashion trends, people have learned to dress how they want, not what society wants. Loungewear and Activewear are more popular than in recent years. Students at SHS are encouraged by the SHS Fashion Club to express themselves in many different ways, including fashion.

Moreover, SHS senior, Bridget Ferris speaks on the ability to dress freely in SHS.

“There’s a lot of styles and everyone dresses differently because everyone kind of found their own way,” Ferris said. “I love that [fashion] is a way of expression, you can express how you feel and there is no right or wrong.”

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