Kaylee Rodriguez and Julie Moescheberger take over as Student Council Junior Class Representatives

Moeschberger an SHS math teacher and student council rep pictured above

Moeschberger an SHS math teacher and student council rep pictured above

Sasha Zahler, Contributing Writer

Solon High School current teachers Kaylee Rodriguez and Julie Moeschberger have taken on a role as the junior class representatives in Student Council. When they returned to Solon High School as teachers they made an effort to be active in the Student Council by advising and keeping traditions strong. Read below for an interview with Rodriguez and keep scrolling for a video with Moeschberger.

Q:How long ago did you graduate?
Rodriguez: I graduated in 2013 so that was nine years ago.

Q: And you are a science teacher right?
Rodriguez: Yes.

Q: What do you think the most significant change is since you were a student here?
Rodriguez: I don’t know if a lot of the teachers are still the same that I had when I went to school here, that’s pretty much the same. We were talking. I’m gonna be doing student council and helping out with that this year and we noticed that some of the traditions we had, like seniors on the first day that’s no longer a thing, are different. We think that’s because of the covid year and so some of those might have gotten lost so we’re going to try to bring them back.

Q: What was something you knew you wanted to do/change coming into the school as a teacher since you were a student here?
Rodriguez: I don’t know, I had a great high school experience and I thought all my teachers were wonderful so that was not really something I really wanted to change in that sense. I just kinda wanted to do the same thing that those teachers that stood out to me did when I went here did for me.

Q: We have other alumni teachers here. Was there any that graduated with you?
Rodriguez: Ms. Moeschberger and I graduated in the same year. We actually had multiple classes together in high school and I remember sitting with her in math class and talking about wanting to both be teachers one day, and it’s hilarious because we both got hired the same year.

Rodriguez is excited to be a part of the student council with her friend and colleague Moeschberger who is also glad to be back at SHS. Scroll down to learn more from Moeschberger about how the student council is attempting to revive school traditions.