Benson Boone’s debut album

Caption for the Photo: Cover photo for Benson Boone album Walk Me Home

Caption for the Photo: Cover photo for Benson Boone album “Walk Me Home”

Reilly Roth, Contributing Writer

Benson Boone is a new upcoming artist from Monroe, Washington. He was on the 19 season of American Idol, but left the show to start his own music journey on his own. Boone shared snippets of his songs on TikTok and later released his single “GHOST TOWN.” Pop artist Benson Boone released his first album July 29, 2022. His genre of music is pop and he just released his first album this year.

“Walk Me Home” includes Boone’s two debut singles “GHOST TOWN” and “In The Stars” which are both extremely heartfelt songs. The entire album conveys the message of the journey that Benson Boone is taking with his music. As you listen to the album, you will feel all kinds of emotions throughout each song.

Song One: “GHOST TOWN”

This song is about loving someone and letting them go. It’s realizing how hard love is, and it truly expresses the challenges. The line “Maybe loving me is the reason you can’t love yourself” pretty much sums up the message of the song. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

Song Two: “Let Me Go”

This song is the definition of getting over someone. The title does the song justice. The lyrics elaborate the feeling of someone so important to you turning into something you have to let go. It has a perfect melody played by the piano that adds perfectly to the song, it escalates with the chorus and leaves a simple background for the rest of the song. The perfect break-up song to say the least.

Song Three: “In the Stars”

This song was Boone’s second single, and it won’t fail to make you cry. This song is about grief and missing someone who isn’t there anymore. It perfectly explains the feelings of loss and grief.

Song Four: “Better Alone”

This song reflects self love. The lyric “Maybe I’m better alone” conveys the idea that before jumping into a relationship you need to love yourself first to be able to rely on another person, you have to be able to rely on yourself. This song is perfect when you’re in doubt.


This song sends the message of someone who is grieving a relationship. The thought of realizing that someone isn’t there anymore and you sometimes want to slip up when you know you shouldn’t. It symbolizes those weak moments within the healing process.

Song Six: “Empty Heart Shaped Box”

This song is about the void that you feel after a relationship ending. It perfectly captures the emotions you feel within yourself when a relationship ends, sometimes feeling like a piece of you went with that person. The beat of the song is slow and draws the emotions of the song as you move throughout the song. The lyrics “You stole a part of me when you left, nothing but a hole in my chest” elaborates on that void feeling. Once again, Boone created a perfect break-up song.

Song Seven: “Room for 2”

This song is the first so far on the album to have a more upbeat mood. “Room for 2” is about letting someone in and falling in love with them. It touches on the emotions of letting someone in and following in love with them.

Song Eight: “Work of Art”

This is the last song on the album, and if you listen in order you will not be disappointed when you get to the end. This song is about someone special who means a lot and by saying that someone is their “work of art” means they are the most beautiful and meaningful person in their life. The song ties the entire album together because each song is a work of art itself.

Overall, this album is a 10/10 in my opinion. The lyrics that Boone came up with help listeners to not only relate to the songs but also feel the emotion in them all. The slow beats, crescendos and multiple instruments especially the piano that are used throughout all of his songs adds to the feeling of his music. Boone has a way of each song being crafted in such a way that makes each one unique. Having his first single “ GHOST TOWN” proved that he could not write just one amazing song, but an entire album with no misses. This album is amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone.