Solon High School (SHS) sophomore Zachary Littlejohn and guidance counselor Cynthia Russell offer their advice on picking courses

Sophomore Zachary Littlejohn

Sophomore Zachary Littlejohn

Setara Reddy, Staff Writer

Solon High School (SHS) has a variety of different options regarding classes for 2023. The school is offering several courses to help students prepare for the future. No matter what a student wants to do in the future, they’re likely to enjoy a class that will help them. With everything from AP Statistics to Music Theory, SHS offers courses that can appeal to everyone. With each class a student takes, more and more opportunities for learning and growth are available, allowing students to explore new paths they had never thought of previously. Each opportunity helps students improve their outlook on what they want to do after graduation.

Zachary Littlejohn, a sophomore who met with his guidance counselor about the scheduling process for next year shares his thoughts.

Q: What do you think about the vast options available for course options in SHS?

A: I think the course options are excellent, especially the science courses.

Q: Do you believe that the courses SHS has to offer help you with your choices after high school?

A: SHS prepares you for college and stress as well as influences the decisions you choose to make.

Q: Why do you believe that?

A: The high school offers many different courses that are an introduction to university majors and minors.

Watch the interview with Cynthia Russell, a guidance counselor who helps students pick their courses for the next school year.

I aspire for the future of SHS to continue adding and improving course options for students as technology changes. I hope students learn more about who they are and the world around them. It’s vital for students to not feel pressure, but want to go to their classes due to personal interest. Solon has so many opportunities for students that help prepare them for life after high school. Solon gives students ambition for their future decisions and offers them some clarity.