Lights, camera and the One Acts are here

Cast photo of the Perfect Score.
Taken by James Barroa

Cast photo of the “Perfect Score.” Taken by James Barroa

Setara Reddy, Staff Writer

There will be four One Act performances at Solon High School today and tomorrow in the auditorium at 7 p.m.

The One Acts allow SHS students in the Drama Club to take the lead with an opportunity for seniors to experience directing. According to Lia Smit, a long-term member of the Drama Club, students learn about what it truly means to work in the theater industry.

There will be four One Acts shown.

“Lockdown,” by Douglas Craven, is directed by Andrew Hall and Micheal Nimrick. This One Act is about a lockdown drill where eight students are left alone to decide what to do.

“The End of Civilization as we know it,” by Mark D. Kaufmann, is directed by Aria Wei and Sari Zager. This play is a tragedy for students set up to fail their history exam.

“Romeo and Juliet at Verona High,” by James Venhaus, is directed by Hannah Lewis and Max Moses. In the One Act, the captain of the football team meets the president of the Chess Club, in a whirlwind of a story.

“Perfect Score,” by Katie Henry, is directed by James Barroa and Josh Egolf. This One Act is about four friends struggling with college applications and dealing with the pressure to succeed at school.

“It hits home for [us] graduating seniors,” Barroa said. “[The play is about] a year in the life of four friends trying to get into college.”

SHS senior Barroa is responsible for guiding actors and planning scenes, and he works hard to make sure everything is in order so that the performance will be good.

Matt Fishman is a lead actor in “Lockdown.” Fishman stated that he is enthusiastic about participating in the plays and viewing the other acts. He’s the Jock of the story, the bad influence of the friend group. Fishman is a longstanding member of the Drama Club.

“[One Acts are] a good place to start if you haven’t done drama stuff before,” Fishman said.

Lia Smit is a stage manager for the One-Acts. She is in charge of what happens behind the scenes, such as moving sets. Smit’s responsibilities are important to ensure that the One Acts runs smoothly.

“It’s really fun, you get to work with a lot of cool people,” Smit said. “It’s a little stressful, but that comes with being in a play. Getting to work with students as peers and leaders is a really unique opportunity. Although, It’s a time crunch. It gives students a chance to feel what directing is like.

The price of the tickets is $7. They’re selling online, on the SHS website.