Mr. Staab taunts students as he waits to get dunked.

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Comets for a Cure has another successful year at SHS

October 4, 2016

Solon High School has had yet another successful year for the dunk tank. Every year, SHS hosts a fundraiser for breast cancer through Comets for a Cure. The Comets for a Cure raised a total of $3,800. SHS students dunked a total of 15 staff members this year: Ashkettle, Cadorini, Eickmeier, Assistant Principal Frazier, Gielink, Grimm, Iwan, Jeter, Joseph, King, Kline, Assistant Principal Kosiorek, Nunney, Rivera and Principal Short.

At the beginning of the week, Ashkettle led the pack at 24 votes. According to a student survey conducted by the Courier staff, 100 percent of voters thought Ashkettle would receive the most votes. At the end of the week the numbers shot up, with Cadorini making her way to first place with 106 votes.

On Oct. 7, students dunked their favorite teachers during second through sixth period.

Students said overall they were very pleased to get out of class to dunk their teachers. According to survey conducted by the Courier staff, 20 students gave their opinions on what they thought the fundraiser could do next year to gain more money. 60 percent of the students who took the survey thought a great way to get more donors would be to involve food, whether by giving students free food or to selling donuts for $1. 40 percent of students also said to give extra credit points for participating.

Comets for a Cure will arrange the fundraiser again next year and strive to raise even more money for breast cancer awareness then this year.

View the final dank tank stats here!

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