To be or not to be (dunked)

Dunk tank getting set up.
Photo taken by Nya Perry.

Dunk tank getting set up. Photo taken by Nya Perry.

Nya Perry, Contributing Writer

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Since the 2014- 2015 school year Solon High School (SHS) has held Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Dunk Tank between the months of September and October. This year the dunk will be held Oct. 5 in the Commons Parking lot periods two through six.

Normally, teachers sign up to be dunked, and students vote for the teachers they want dunked most with each vote costing one dollar. This year Solon High School will allow both teachers and students to be voted in and dunked.

Last year the dunk tank made $13.5 thousand. Hoping to increase this for the new school year, the 2018-2019 Dunk Tank will now allow seniors to be dunked. Students in front of the SHS dunk tank

“Allowing seniors will allow more money to be donated, like for example if your friend signs up it will make you want to go even more or maybe even participate,” said Pilar Vazquez, a senior at SHS.

SHS science teacher Melissa Orfin said she thinks allowing students to dunk their peers could make the dunk tank a more appealing and fun event for students of all grades.

“I hope it’ll get [the students] even more involved, more seniors or underclassmen trying to dunk a senior could help bring new life into the activity,” Orfin said

The Dunk Tank was created to help donate money to the Komen Foundation, a Breast Care Organization. Over the past five years, Solon High School has accumulated almost $60 thousand.

The reason why the dunk tank is held each year has inspired many teachers to sign up for, participate in and donate towards the Komen Foundation.

“I signed up to be a part of giving back and also to be apart of the school-wide community event,” SHS science teacher Claire Stoltz said.  

Created and Edited by Jenna Carrao and Nathan Miller
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