Preview of the SHS girls lax season


The SHS Girls Lacrosse team.

Lexi Simmerson, Contributing Writer

The Solon High School (SHS) Girls Lacrosse team begins the 2018-2019 season with a fresh start, ready to make this year the best season yet. The girls doubled their record last year with record 4-14 and are determined to triple it with a record of 12-6.

Due to last years coach resigning, the team has two new lacrosse coaches. Natalie Mandry as head coach and Mindy Gallagher as the new defensive coach. Which brings lots of new changes to the girls this year.

The team as many new members this season including: Juniors: Sydney Broderick Sophomores: Farren Lesko, Eden Loche, Kailee Mikhalev, Laine Mandry, Freshmen: Ava Maersch, Kareena Fry, Amanda Farthing and Marissa Mitrey, Dara Klugherz, Gillan Rzepka.

The coaches and captains make it clear that they want to win this year. They want to improve the program and bring in a great atmosphere for the new and future players.

“The girls are coming to practice very determined and working their hardest everyday,they all have really improved since the first practice,” said Mandry.

Ellie Kitzmiller, Senior Caption and four year player, said she is optimistic for the season.

“Overall, our team atmosphere is looking way better this season, our effort is better and we don’t look as lazy as in the past,” Kitzmiller said.

The coaching staff has made sure that the girls gained lots of practice playing the game before the season starts. Mindy Gallagher, the new Defensive Coach, said that the girls had a ton of field time to get a feel of how to play the game.

“We made sure that the girls had more practice time on the field .. so that the new and old players are prepared for the first game,” Gallagher said.

The coaches and captains made it clear at the beginning of tryouts that not everybody will get play time this season. They are playing the girls who have the best skills and put in the best effort.

“We are not putting anybody on the field that is not aware on how to play the game or without knowledge or skill like we had in the past,” said Kitzmiller.

Coaches want every girl on the team to eventually be able to play, but they also think that it’s a great experience just being a team member.

“Our goal is to continue to work on the basics of lacrosse so that we can create a good foundation for all the girls this season, and eventually have the new girls all be able to play in the future,” said Mandry.

The team has already seen improvement. While the girls are showing more effort and are in better shape. They are excited to see what the new players can add to the team, like Julian Rzepka who will be starting this season.

“A lot of our team has improved since the first practice and we look very ready to play,” said Sykla Catio, Co-senior caption. “There are a lot of good players this season and freshmen that stand out  will definitely add a lot to our team.”

Coaches said the team is in it to win this year. They also hope to build the team and create an awesome program for upcoming years.

“This season we are here to develop the program and we are here to win,” said Mandry.

Their record this season so far is overall 0-4 and conference 0-2. The team is still hopeful that they will step it up this season.

Their next game will be tomorrow against Strongsville at 5:30 p.m. at Strongsville High School.