Nate Leskovec’s football journey


Nate Leskovec signing with Harvard.

Lexi Simmerson, Contributing Writer

College is right around the corner for the students at Solon High School (SHS), and SHS athletes have started to sign and commit to continue their athletic journeys. Senior and football Side Defense End Nathaniel (Nate) Leskovec recently signed to play with Harvard.

He started playing in the 5th grade and since then, he has wanted to pursue a career in football.  

“As soon as I started playing football I fell in love with the game,” Leskovec said.” I knew I had the ability to play division one after my sophomore year.”  

Leskovec says that to be a stand out player athletes have to sacrifice a lot of their time, which is what got him where he is today.

“Football is special to me because it takes a massive amount of hard work, discipline and sacrifice, which fits well with my personality,” Leskovec said. “I’ve always said, I don’t want to be like anyone else.It is important to go above and beyond if you want to leave your mark.”

Leskovic’s dedication is noticed both on and off the field. His best friend Tyler Markowitz says that he loves to watch Leskovec play the game.

“He brings a new energy to the field and is extremely aggressive,” Markowitz said.” The game means so much to him and you can see it from the stands.”  

Leskovec feels as if he is meant to play the game.

“During the game I feel untouchable,” Leskovec said. “There are moments when I am on the sideline I think about how blessed I am to play the game.”

Leskovic’s job doesn’t stop after football. His hard work carries on in the weight room. Fellow teammate and good friend Nolan McNamara shared that Leskovec carried the team in many different areas.

“He is the most dedicated, determined and strongest in player on the field and he carries that on in the weight room not just on the field,” McNamara said.

Leskovic’s teammates see him as a role model . Old teammate and  friend Camden Loeschen says that Leskovec always makes sure that everyone is completely focused.

“Nate keeps everyone on track and makes sure they are doing what they are supposed to, and makes sure nobody is messing around in the weight room, and impresses us with his ability to bench up to 300 pounds,” Loeschen said.

The football team looks to Leskovec as their leader. They look up the amount of work he puts into the game.

“Nate is one of the hardest working athletes you will ever meet.” McNamara said. “ He sets an example for me and for the whole team.”

Leskovec is thrilled for his new journey at Harvard and ready to take football to the next level. He says he can’t wait to work his way back up.

“I couldn’t be more excited to play for Harvard. I am looking forward to starting back at the bottom and hopefully working my way back to the top,” Leskovic said. “I respect the game and hope to play well and make old teammates and my family proud.”