“The Student” questions the values of law and ethics

"The Student" movie poster courtesy of IMDb.

Taylor Hicks, Contributing Writer

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The student who takes his grades seriously. Does anything to make sure he gets the grade he thinks he deserves. Desperate times call for desperate lives being taken.

Motivation and determination taken to another level.

¨The Student¨ was released Aug. 8, 2017 but recently was released on Netflix. At first glance, it looks like a lifetime movie which I love and actually it fulfilled my expectations.The Director, Steven Monroe wanted to depict a thriller for young teens.

The movie was based on law and ethics in the setting of Law School, the idea is to decipher whether to go with your gut feeling or abide by the rules. How one decision can make or break or ends someone’s life.

This nerve rattling film introduces one of the main characters, Vance Van Sickle (Blake Michael),  a college student with family trouble who through it all is able to maintain A’s in all his classes… except one.That one B changed everything. After his former teacher goes missing and he is soon transferred into Professor Grandacre´s (Alicia Leigh Willis) class, which is when things take a turn for the worse.

Professor Grandacre has battled her fair share of cases being that she is a lawyer. But one in particular made her almost rethink her whole life. Which sent her into a downward spiral.The reasoning was because she wrongly accused a guy of a crime, and he later hung himself in his jail cell: which ironically happened to Vance Van Sickle´s father aswell.

From the start of the movie you could tell there was going to be a problem between Professor Grandacre and Vance Van Sickle, which then led to a suspense within the first thirty minutes of the movie. It felt like the movie was two hours, but actually it was a minute thirty, once you get to the middle, things started to speed up and get interesting. Professor Grandacre quickly realized she was being manipulated by Van Sickle and went to the Dean´s office, but soon took back the allegation to help jumpstart another type of law program she was trying to start. But the antics didn’t stop. But you would have to watch to find out the end.

Although the movie was very suspenseful and lived up to its genre, there were some cinematography pitfalls during the movie. The camera seemed to be jumping around the screen when running was involved which confused me on where to focus my attention. Also, in some scenes where there should have been very little light because of a dim lit hallway in that particular scene, which killed the mood and excitement.

All the actors had good chemistry during set and played their rolls well. I don’t have anything to say about their acting other than it was very professional and believable.

It’s definitely worth seeing. If your interested in thrill seeking movies than you’ll be surely satisfied. This movie keeps you on your toes with all the plot twists envolved. My personal rating of the movie is a four out of five.

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