“Amo” of the rifle of music

Bring Me the Horizon on their 2017 tour.

Bring Me the Horizon on their 2017 tour.

Aidan Riga, Contributing Writer

Long standing band Bring Me the Horizon (BMTH) formed in 2004 with vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia, Bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. Since then, the band has never really established themselves in a single genre of music. Instead, each member of the band explores their own musical passions and talents.

BMTH has recently released a new album which is not like most of their other albums. Their early albums were a mixture of deathcore and early age of pop punk music, but as time went on, they gradually shifted to more of an alternative rock vibe.

However, with the release of their new album “amo,” they have reverted back to an unestablished genre by including a vast number of styles of music within each song.

The album opens up with “I Apologize if you Feel Something,” which is a basic intro song containing lots of full sounding guitar riffs and repeating lyrics. BMTH incorporates many different instruments, including many different keyboard styles and strong guitar solos, within the first song to make a strong impact on the listeners to hopefully draw them in. Each instruments really gives you goosebumps from the way they strike each note and have this sense of unison when playing together.

Another crucial song on the album is “Medicine,” an anthem so to speak. The powerful guitar riffs accompanied by strong lyrics relating to payback and the person getting what they deserve, is a very strong and energetic feel to the song, which can very easily become a billboard top 100 song.

With few big songs on the album, BMTH relies on their lack of singularity, and their ability to use multiple genres in a single album. The album includes alternative metal, pop rock and electronic rock. With all genres incorporated in the one album, they tend to jump around from one to the next, leaving the listener guessing what the next song is going to sound like.

Arguably, the best song to come off the album is “Mantra,” which includes the genres metalcore, pop rock and electronic rock. The main reason for its alleged number one spot is due to its catchy lyrics and instrumental that really gives you some energy. During the song you can really feel Sykes’ passion for the band and the music they create which has become prominent that they have no intention on settling to a single genre.

With arguably their biggest release since “Sempiternal,”  their 2013 album, BMTH has only been on an upward trajectory towards reaching the next spot alongside the best of the best when it comes to Alternative Rock bands.