Emerging New Clubs at Solon High School


Lara Decastecker, Editor in Chief

With the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, many Solon High School (SHS) Seniors decided to start up their own clubs, creating a wider variety of opportunities for their fellow students. Three promising new clubs, Russian Culture Club, Solon Spirit Club, and the Green Team, are all offering different experiences which our high school did not have before.

Russian Culture Club

Russian Culture Club will meet Wednesdays twice a month to conduct their various, pre-planned activities. These include collaborating with the Jewish Student Union, offering volunteer hours and hosting food parties.

“Overall, Russian Culture Club gives the student body a chance to relax and have fun learning Russian culture, along with meeting new people,” Elizabeth Khaykin, co-president of Russian Culture Club said. 

By combining both social aspects and furthering one’s education, they offer a multitude of opportunities for their members to grow as people and be promising applicants for universities in the future.

“Colleges are looking for well rounded students when it comes to extracurriculars, ” Khaykin said. “All in all, it definitely should be a club that all students should try.”

Besides, you don’t have to be Russian to get involved!

Current Officers: Elizabeth Khaykin, Raquel Duplik, Jona Verni, Jason Loeb, Esra Orge, Grace Carlisle, and Mike Malyshev.

Social Media(s) for more information: @elizabeth_khaykin and @raquel_duplik on instagram.

Comet Spirit Club

Comet Spirit Club (CSC) will meet on Mondays to plan for the week to create signs for all upcoming games. Also, they meet during the fall on Thursdays to decorate for Friday’s football game.

“Our meetings are always relaxed and full of creativity,” said SHS CSC club officer, Alexa Hayes. “Even if you aren’t an artsy type, it’s still fun to paint and experiment.”

There’s a lot of freedom with how members are able to express their school spirit. Furthermore, there’s no bias towards one sport over another. 

“Our club hopes to increase school spirit by promoting all sports, not just the big ones,” Hayes said.

With a culture of inclusion, it’s no surprise that CSC hopes to see new faces. Additionally, new members have the opportunity to get a position next year.

“We’re looking to fill [positions] with some underclassmen so the club lives on after we graduate,” Hayes said.

Current Officers: Alexa Hayes, Katie Luciano, and Sasha Epelbaum.

Social Media(s) for more information: @cometspiritclub on instagram.

Green Team

Green Team will meet Wednesdays to conduct or plan activities which include launching a Lake Erie cleanup project, recycling the food waste in the cafeterias, creating artifacts out of plastic, and lots more. 

Green Team has many goals which they are looking to accomplish, alongside with the ultimate purpose of contributing to the protection of our planet.

“Together our mission is to promote awareness of the current state of our environment and to educate our community on how to go ’greener,’” said SHS Green Team Co-President, Geetansh Sankhla.

Wanting to make an impression on the school, Green Team wants to aid in making our Earth more eco-friendly through the spread of knowledge and community work.

“It is our duty to teach the younger generations about how to maintain a healthy ecological footprint,” Geetansh said. “That is why my team has stepped up and created this club, to make sure we take the steps to extend the longevity of our planet.”

Current Officers: Current Officers: Geetansh Sankhla, Amarjot Sidhu, Farren Lesko, Krishnan Kumar, and Rebeca Lockman.

Social Media(s) for more information: @solongreenteam on instagram. 

Also, they have a google classroom (Code: 5e3mfc)

These three clubs, with vastly different approaches to exposing our student body to opportunities, all offer one thing: the chance to involve yourself. Now, it’s up to whomever to choose which clubs they find most appealing to do during their time at SHS.