Halloween Costume Costume Winners


Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

Solon High School’s (SHS) 2019 Halloween Contest winners this year are:
Cameron Fuller (VSCO Girl)- Best Male Costume
Angeli Thompson (Blowup clown)- Best Female Costume
Megan Tang, Megan Wiser, Kevin Zhou, Erik Li, Derek Li, Oliva Heus, Nilima Patel and Kritian Powell, Nandana Ahuja (Phineas and Ferb)- Best Group Costumes
Darlene Hillis (Tape Face)- Best Teacher Costume
Science Department (Star Wars)- Best Department Costume

The Halloween contest this year had many entries, but only one person or group from each category could win. During lunch, a person could get tickets to vote. Tickets are counted after all lunch periods have voted. The winner was announced at the end of 6th period.

Planning a costume is a hard and usually stressful act, especially when you are doing a group theme. You have to make sure everyone agrees and that everyone has a different costume. Plus, you have to come up with an idea that everyone likes.

“We were at a science department meeting and we started throwing ideas around. I forgot who mentioned Star Wars, but we just went with it,” said Susan Kenzig, a Chemistry teacher who dressed up as Padmé Amidala.

Sydney Moss, a junior at SHS, said that their group came up with the idea of doing Phineas and Ferb characters, a TV show that used to be on the Disney channel, when Nandana walked up to some of them and suggested it. Then everything fell into place. All they had to do was create the costumes.

“I found [my t-shirt for the costume] in my dad’s closet,” Moss said. “It was…pretty easy, [just] an orange shirt and shorts. I wasn’t going to dye my hair for the costume.”

Unlike Moss, Kenzig said she had to buy a costume and spend 25 minutes with her daughter doing makeup before school.

“Well, mine was pretty simple because I ordered it. I actually spent more time looking for my dog’s costume,” said Nicole Geiger, a Biology, Anatomy and Physiology teacher.

She dressed up as a stormtrooper, and so did her dog.

“It makes us smile to see people dressed up, and we know that seeing your teachers dressed up is a pretty cool thing,” Geiger said.

Even though not everyone can win, everyone that entered is a winner at heart because of the hard work and effort put into their costumes.