5 Stars To The Movie No One Can Let Go


Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

Let it go, let it go, we just can’t let it go.

The new “Frozen” movie came out Nov. 22 and has been what some little kids and certain teenagers (including me), who can’t let a good childhood movie go, always talk about. As we grew up, “Frozen” did too. In the first movie when I was 10, I learned about love and exploring the world, but in the second “Frozen” movie, I learned about grief, sacrifice and how people shouldn’t base decisions solely on themselves. Even with the much more mature themes, the movie can be enjoyed by all age groups.

In “Frozen” Elsa is crowned the new queen of Arendale after her parents died, but she feared her newfound responsibility. When things take a turn for the worst, Elsa runs to the mountains to hide and her sister comes to find her, causing Anna to get a frozen heart. At the end of the movie, Anna is saved by an act of sisterly love which leads us to the next movie six years later where Elsa is still queen and Anna is by her side. “Frozen 2” is about going into the Enchanted Forest that called out to Elsa. Elsa decided to follow the voice, and accidentally awakens vengeful spirits that push her and her village out of the town. Elsa then goes on an adventure with Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf into the Enchanted Forest to try and save their people and find out what is beckoning Elsa.

Like “Frozen,” the new “Frozen 2” movie is supported by amazing music. One awesome song that was written for the movie is by Panic At The Disco! and performed by Idina Menzel as Elsa. It’s called “Into The Unknown.” This song is all about Elsa starting a new adventure because of the voice she hears calling her. Another great song is “The Next Right Thing” sung by Kristen Bell (Anna). It’s about how the world is dark, but she just has to keep going. It showcases how Anna continues to take one step at a time even if it’s painful.

Another beautiful message is given when Anna is in trouble (which she seems to get into a lot), but when Kristoff showed up, he didn’t come to save her. Instead, he asked ”what can I do to help?”. Disney has actually done something right and made a movie where the main male character doesn’t save the day, but whenever Anna needed help he was right there. In the movie, Kristoff says a lot of beautiful things including “my love is not fragile.” when they both made a little mistake, their love for each other still held strong.

In many animated movies, the characters only have one or two outfits, but in “Frozen” the main characters display many different ones. Elsa’s outfits can be interpreted to describe her mood. When she is wearing a light pink dress it shows she is open and loving, but when she is wearing an ice blue, more mature version of her dress from the first movie, it shows that she is ready to get down to business. Elsa’s last outfit is a beautiful white dress that portrays her confidence. There are many more costume changes made by Elsa throughout the movie, but these are some of the most memorable.

Along with the amazing outfits made by the animators, the background of the film is just as great. In the film, we travel to new parts of the land. The enchanted movie where most of the time in the movie is spent shows beautiful scenes of rivers and trees. Throughout the movie, you can’t help but be taken in by the sights, even if they are animated.

One negative about this movie was that there was no clear enemy, no one trying to stop them from reaching their goal. The most arguments and fighting were caused by the two sisters themselves and while that is accurate of real life, it’s not that interesting to watch.

Even with the small problems, “Frozen 2” just like the last, was a hit. It’s a movie that even at 15 I will beg my parents to let me go so I can watch it again. It’s a movie that I will buy the CD and memorize the words to. Congratulations Disney, you’ve made a blockbuster film.