“Immunity” by Clario Made Her More Than a One Hit Wonder


Lara Decastecker, Editor in Chief

Claire Cottrill, known professionally as Clairo, rose to fame after she uploaded a music video for “Pretty Girl” on Youtube. Now, it has 42 million views. A year later, she created a debut album: “Immunity.”

When I saw her live on her current fall tour, I saw people cry due to her soft voice and emotional performance. The 11 songs were masterly played, but it all started in her bedroom with a cheap microphone and a free edit app, such as Garageband. Thankfully, you can still listen to her on your own time, that is if you’re ready to cry about things you didn’t even know you were sad about. These eight songs I explore made their way into my Spotify playlists, and are without a doubt my absolute favorites from the album.

The song “Alewife” expertly opens the album with an ethereal vibe. Clairo’s light use of acoustic guitar and piano complement the wholesome lyrics. Also, instead of a shift of mood with hard beat drops, the song gradually became quicker, conveying a comforting feel. “Alewife” set the pace for the rest of the album, an album with a nostalgic aura that resonates with the youth, and Clairo’s soft voice is the cherry on top.

Both “Impossible” and “North” are meant to figuratively take its listeners back in time since the lyrics are meant to bring back memories, uprooting regrets while also congratulating growth of character. The emotional appeal is clear. With steady drum beats throughout the songs, and a melodic bridge which showcases Clairo’s smooth voice, “Impossible” is truly soothing to the ear. Then “North” utilized vague and pretty lyrics, alongside metaphors to exemplify the act of missing someone. It’s the epitome of nostalgia, the act of reminiscing, which Clairo does a fine job portraying in her album.

The following song in the album, “Closer To You” is a complete shift in feel. Quick, sharp lyrics which include, “wish I could say it was enough,” and, “I know it won’t change,” alongside a background electric beat give off a slightly angsty feel. I fully believe that the vague lyrics are placed so that listeners can picture someone in their mind. After a few listens, I appreciated the contrast of the rustic feel with her delicate voice. “Closer To You” is the beginning of a new electro genre for Clairo, and as she duets with Mura Masa in “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again,” she expands from her underground bedroom feel to upbeat hits perfect for a mosh pit (which she had, it was amazing).

“Bags” is my favorite song in the album. It’s a little less relatable, since its lyrics are more specific, but it in turn brings out more of Clairo’s personality. It’s been confirmed that “Bags” is a very personal story of experiencing unrequited love. Furthermore, the harder drum beats showcase its upbeat tempo. “Bags” is a perfect song for a mosh pit. Literally. At her show I remember witnessing people jumping up and down, with hands swaying in the air, as Clairo sang her heart out.

Then, “Sofia” is the staple song of the album. In “Sofia” Clairo has hard drums, a soft, electric beat throughout, and an electric guitar solo. Also, her repetitive, yet catchy lyrics are complemented by her raspy voice and vulnerability in tone. “Sofia” is the start to Clairo portraying more of her identity to the public eye, and has garnished her a lot of attention. She was very open about her sexuality. Now, Clairo is alongside fellow musicians in the industry that identify as bisexual.

In both “White Flag” and “Sinking” Clairo adds a dynamic element of feeling “in the moment” by either starting off with a jazzy feel or the usage of background voices and claps. Her lyrics are about finding yourself at a young age, 15, and her curiosity for the future. It’s no wonder that her main source of fans are girls from the ages of 13-18. Furthermore, both showcase her soprano range extremely well.

In my opinion, Clairo sounded the exact same live as she did in CD’s, with the only exception of run additions which made people fangirl. All in all, “Immunity” truly is a teenage girl’s anthem. Clairo encapsulates all the perfect elements: nostalgia, calmness, and a hint of angst.