“Hubie Halloween” Review

 In this scene, Hubie is biking away from his young bullies

In this scene, Hubie is biking away from his young bullies

Nyah Prelog, Contributing Writer

Yet another comedy starring Adam Sandler, but this time a Halloween comedy. Released on October 8, it’s about a kidnapping mystery that was done on Halloween night which leads Hubie Dubois (Dew-Bwa), who is the unofficial Halloween monitor, to solve a mystery. 

Some background of the story: Hubie’s dad passed away and left him and his mom to live in Salem, MA. He talks in a childish voice and seems to have mental and social challenges. Nonetheless, Hubie’s mom does not help this behavior, she treats him like a man child. He does not drive or have a car, so he rides a bike to and from work at the grocery store’s deli, along with around town and carries the valuable thermos that he made in the scouts.

In multiple scenes of the movie he pulls out his thermos to help him on tasks; in one scene he was having food thrown at him and no way of shielding himself, but he pulled out his thermos and with just a press of a button, a jack-O-lantern umbrella popped out where he used it as a shield. Which I thought was cool that his little red thermos could do that and many other things.

While he is trying to figure out the mystery, little events happen such as Hubie ends up having a few conversations with his high school crush, Violet Valentine, played by Julie Bowen and Hubie discovering his neighbor is not human. 

This movie is rated PG-13 and has some mature humor in it. For example, when Hubies’ mom, played by June Squibb, wears a shirt that says “Kayaking gets me wet.” There is also sexual humor and swear words, so it is not 100% a family-friendly movie. There is also bullying portrayed in the movie on the main character. People around his town would call him “Pubie” instead of his actual name, and when he is riding his bike down the street, there are instances where he would get food or random objects thrown at him, but somehow he would be able to dodge it which is amusing.

With just 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s not too bad. A lot of the reviews online said that viewers enjoyed watching familiar actors that they grew up with such as Peyton List, Bradley Steven Perry, Karan Brar, and China Anne McClain who all starred in Disney shows. Reviews from Google, also stated that it was a funny movie and very entertaining. However, other reviews said that his childish voice that Adam Sandler does for his character is annoying which I can understand, and some thought that the storyline was cringey, along with thinking that the humor was cheesy. Be that as it may, I consider myself someone who enjoys all types of humor, so I did find it cheesy in some scenes but not all the humorous scenes were cheesy. I was still able to have a genuine laugh while watching the movie.

Nonetheless, this comedy movie is guaranteed to make you laugh with some comedian actors that make an appearance: Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, and Tim Meadows. These actors have also co-starred in the “Grown Ups” movie franchise, where Adam Sandler co-starred as well. Also, with special appearances Noah Schnapp and Shaquille O’Neal, which I thought was entertaining to see them in as their characters in this movie. 

What I like best about this movie is how it was funny in its own way. Even though they were pushing the humor in some scenes, I was still able to laugh at it. I also really enjoyed how there were a lot of familiar actors in the movies like co-stars from “Grown Ups” and stars from the Disney Channel. It was almost as if the cast was brought together not for another Grown Ups movie but for a Halloween movie this time. Also, at the end of credits, they made a memorial dedicated to Cameron Boyce who died earlier last year, which I thought was very sweet since he was supposed to co-star in the movie. 

All in all, it is a movie well done and it does not fail to keep me entertained. It is also a good Halloween movie that you can add to your Halloween movie collection.