Best date ideas for the holiday season


Savannah Loeschen, Contributing Writer

When it comes to the holiday season things can become a little hectic. Date nights can always be a fun and relaxing way to get away from that stress, especially during the holidays. There is a large variety of things to do and most of them won’t break the bank, don’t worry. Most of these incorporate dates that can even be done during COVID-19 to minimalize contact.  

 Ice skating

Around the area, there are many places that have outdoor ice skating rinks with scenic surroundings. Most of these areas only cost a few dollars to rent skates. This makes for a simple, yet fun activity that can bring a lot of smiles. You can spice it up a little by getting food after as well. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures to top off the date. Here are some of the best places around for ice skating this year.




Hot cocoa and Christmas themed movies

Christmas movies are enjoyable for all ages, but you can make that into a great date. Start everything off by buying small stuff such as marshmallows, hot chocolate and snacks. Target also has inexpensive holiday pajamas, so you could make it a little more cozy and special by matching. When you have all of the components that you want, prepare the hot chocolate and all of the snacks. Once everything is ready to go, turn on your favorite Christmas movies and spend as much time as desired watching movies together.

Buy and decorate gingerbread houses

 Photo Courtesy of Ruth Black

Stores such as Target and Walmart have a variety of styles of inexpensive holiday gingerbread houses. They have kits that come with the gingerbread, icing, and candies necessary to put it all together. Making this not a super costly option. You can put on your favorite Christmas music or movie and get to decorating. Also, if you’re the competitive type, you could spice it up by making family or friends judge their favorite one. It’s an easy way to make fun memories during the holidays.








Decorate the Christmas tree together

 Photo Courtesy of Bernard Bodo

The holidays cannot come sooner, but one thing that can bring a lot of joy is Christmas trees. If your family buys real trees, make it a date by inviting your boy/girlfriend to the tree chopping. Using an artificial tree? No worries, this is one less step. Invite them over to help with decorating the tree and other decorations around the house. You can add a flare by putting on Christmas music or a holiday movie in the background. This makes for a productive day, but a fun date to bring laughs and memories to the holidays.

Drive-thru light displays

Light displays can be a beautiful way to spread the joy of the holidays. Around the area, there are so many different places to go and see these displays. Some of which are houses you can visit, while others cost a few dollars to get tons of crazy displays. You can spend a few dollars on dinner or snacks to make the experience a little more fun. This is an inexpensive way to embrace the holidays.


Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

Photo Courtesy of DusanManic 

There are so many recipes online that can help you to make a variety of delicious cookies. You can make it more meaningful by asking family members about their favorite holiday cookies recipes and recreate them. For only a few dollars at any local grocery store, you can buy a variety of sprinkles and icing, this allows for you to make your own cookie creations. This is a tasty and cute way to spend some time with someone you love. 


There are so many more options of things to do. This website has a large variety of places to go and activities to do, including at-home activities. This can help you plan all kinds of dates at ease and still have a large variety of things you can still do. All creative ideas you come up with to embrace the holiday spirit is sure to make your significant other ecstatic. 

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