A little too much Christmas from “Christmas Chronicles 2”

Christmas Chronicles 2 village scene.

Christmas Chronicles 2 village scene.

Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

One hour and 55 minutes, One hour and 55 minutes I will never get back, One hour and 55 minutes of torture my eyes got from watching this movie. Whoever wrote the script to “Christmas Chronicles 2”  should get an award, an award for adding the most Christmas and non-Christmas cliche I have ever seen all in one movie. 

In “Christmas Chronicles 2” we meet the same kids from the last movie: Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) and Kate Pierce (Darby Camp), with the addition of their mom’s boyfriend and their son Jack (Jahzir Bruno). In the movie, an elf turned human named Belsnickles (Julian Dennison) wants to take the Christmas Star and destroy Christmas, but to do that he needs to get Kate into Santa’s village. Belsnickles throws Kate and Jack into a portal that takes them to the North Pole where Santa finds them and saves them from being frozen to death. 

Now my main problem with the movie is the script of “Christmas Chronicles 2” is just too corny–here’s everything that was added to the movie. Look at the list and think if this seems like a little much: Magic, time travel, getting to see dead relatives, a random musical number (even though it is not a musical), being jolly enough to fix problems (like turning a big snowstorm into a sunny, no clouds in the sky day), portals, curses, hybrid animals that would give you nightmare, magical cookies (that aren’t magical) and so much more.

My next problem with it is the acting of some of the characters in the movie. They would pause between lines and wait for another reaction and didn’t look surprised when something happened. A lot of the cast played their character with the same emotion the whole time.

Also going back to the plot, in the movie, Belsnickel breaks a magical star that protects Santa’s Village. When Santa and Kate went to fix the star, the elf said that only Santa Clause can do it because it’s really dangerous and challenging, but all he does is hold a star-shaped container above his head while the elves chant something. Although fixing the star was supposed to be dangerous, it looked like he wasn’t struggling at all with the task at hand. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few things I like about the movie. One being the animation for the elves is very good and has many fine details. The other thing I like is that the backgrounds and shoots were very pretty, but not enough for someone to watch the movie.

Hope you have a great holiday season and that you don’t waste about 2 hours on this mess of a movie.