The best holiday drinks

Savannah Loeschen, Contributing Writer

With snowy winter days and the holidays just around the corner, warming up your insides with festive holiday drinks is the way to go. Whether it’s from Starbucks, Dunkin, or made right in your kitchen, there are so many options that are sure to add holiday cheer to your day. In no particular order, from many different places, here are some holiday drinks that you must try. 

1. Peppermint mocha 

Peppermint mochas are a classic drink wherever you may go to get it. It gives you a chocolatey and minty flavor, which is one of the most common flavors during the holiday season. Having it hot will soothe and warm you up inside and out. If you like whipped cream, make sure you add it to make it just a little creamier. This drink is delicious whatever way you may get it, but it is a must-have during the holiday season. This can be bought at places like Starbucks, but you can buy packets and have them at home with the same flavors.


2. Chai tea latte 

This is a classic drink that will fill you with joy. You can always spice it up by adding flavors such as cinnamon or peppermint. Chai tea lattes have warm spices like nutmeg and clove which are also stapled flavors during the cold weather. You can always switch it up and have it iced and still get the same warm feeling from the spices used.

3. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate, especially with marshmallows, has been a classic for as long as I can remember. Adding a candy cane or different flavored creamers can add a little bit of extra joy to an already loveable drink. There are so many ways to make hot chocolate, whether with milk or with water, they are all yummy ways to add some cheer to the holidays.

4. Sugarplum macchiato

A new addition and a specialty drink for the holidays at Dunkin Donuts is the Sugarplum Macchiato. This is more of a creamy and fruity drink, but it still has a warm note to it. You can get it iced or hot, but it’s good both ways. This is a way to get a feel for warmer weather, but be soothed with a variety of yummy flavors during the holiday season.

5. Eggnog latte

Lauri Patterson

Eggnog is another drink people love to get or make during the holidays. Adding coffee and making it a latte spices it up and gives you a boost of caffeine. Eggnog is either a hit or miss of liking the taste. With the creaminess and sweetness of the eggnog, this is sure to make you ready for the holidays.

6. White chocolate mocha

If you’re making it at home, there are many flavorings that you can buy that taste like you spent $5.00 ordering it. Whether you get it hot or cold, this is a simple drink that is sure to hit your sweet tooth. It is very creamy and very sweet, but you can add different flavors like peppermint for your liking.

7. Gingerbread latte

Last, but definitely not least is a gingerbread latte. You can buy stuff at the grocery store that mimics the flavors of this holiday favorite. Like many other holiday drinks, this drink has many warm spices and a very creamy consistency. If you like gingerbread cookies, this is essentially the liquid form and it does not disappoint.

Whether you go for something simple like hot chocolate, all of these drinks will warm you up just in time for the holidays. Places such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts make some of the best versions of these drinks, but don’t get me wrong, making these at home can be delicious too. There are always ways to adjust these drinks according to what you may or may not like, but all of these drinks are some classics that usually don’t disappoint.