Holiday Traditions in Solon

A Solon student’s holiday cookies in preparation for Hanukkah.

A Solon student’s holiday cookies in preparation for Hanukkah.

Jaclyn Rzepka, Contributing Writer

The winter-time holidays for Solon High School (SHS) students can be full of family memories, good food and snow. Each family has certain traditions that are essential for the holidays.

Outdoor decorating is a unique way to accessorize your house. Christmas lights come in a variety of colors and sizes. SHS senior Nicollee Hammer spends time each year decorating her house for the holidays.

“My family and I spend two to three days putting up all the decorations,” Hammer said. “We use a variety of different colored lights, and I love the way it looks. The lights stay up all winter long and are a great way to add to the festivities.”

Along with outdoor decorations comes indoor decor. Putting up lights on the Christmas tree is an annual tradition for many. Senior Kate Dillon decorates her family tree each year with her family.

“Usually we put the tree up over Thanksgiving,” Dillon said. “It is a great way for my whole family to bond and gives us time to reflect on all the good memories we have had during the past holidays. Each ornament brings out a new memory and is a great trip down memory lane.” 

Many people also enjoy baking as a holiday tradition. From gingerbread houses to holiday cookies, the list of desserts goes on. Senior Robbie Phillips and his mother bake brownies every Hanukkah and share the treats with family members.

“Baking brownies has always been a holiday tradition for us,” Phillips said. “My mom and I bake the brownies and then give them to my grandparents. We drive to their house when the holiday begins, and we trade off presents and desserts. It is always really fun and a great way to spend time with my family.”

Family time can be spent in a variety of ways. Senior Grace Kasper visits her family every year for Christmas and plays card games. 

“Every year we go to my cousins house and bake cookies with my grandma,” Kasper said. “It is the one time of the year where all of my family comes together and hangs out. The younger kids play Rich Man Poor Man while the parents set up the tree. It is always a great time.”

Visiting family during the holidays is common for many. People travel across the country just to be with family. Senior Laine Mandry travels every year to visit her grandparents.

“Every year my family and I visit my grandparents in Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania,” Mandry said. It is the one time of year my whole family gets together and is a great time to catch up. I especially love spending time with my cousins who are around the same age as me.”

 New Year’s Eve is usually full of rituals and celebration. People gather and celebrate the beginning of the new year and set goals for themselves. Senior Micaela Cirino writes out goals with her family every year on New Year’s Eve.

“The most important part of the New Year is creating goals that are motivational,” Cirino said. “All of my family members congregate in my kitchen and put our goals in a big bucket, so they are all anonymous. Then we each take turns reading the goals out loud and get to spend great family time with one another.” 

The holidays can be full of numerous traditions. From outdoor and indoor decorating to baking and traveling are all just a few examples of traditions Solon students do every holiday.