Hybrid? Or Virtual? What will it look like next semester for K-12 Students


Students will be given an option to stay in virtual or go back to hybrid going into the second semester. Photo courtesy of August de Richelieu.

Patrick Arth, Managing Editor

On November 20, Solon Schools sent an email out to all parents and guardians switching from a mix of hybrid learning to all virtual, due to the rising cases of COVID-19 and a safer learning environment for students and staff for the remainder of the first semester.

Two days prior to the email, Solon Schools sent an email to all parents and guardians with a form to be filled out regarding the students going back to hybrid learning or staying virtual going into the second semester.

Yakov Madar, a senior, has gone completely virtual this past semester, says he plans to go virtual in the second semester as well. 

 “It’s obviously being demonstrated that our school is incapable of doing hybrid learning,” Madar said. “There had been multiple violations in COVID-19 safety resulting in a couple students and faculty being affected. So having a choice seems like a mistake, unfortunately.”

As some students have experienced hybrid learning in the second quarter, the majority switched over back to remote learning as they find it easier to learn at home, with the advantages virtual learning has, such as everyone staying safe from being exposed to the virus, longer times in between classesand wearing pajamas all day.

“I feel like it’s better to give students an option rather than forcing them to go hybrid or virtual,” Charles Dull said, a senior at Solon High School. “Some people prefer hybrid over virtual and others prefer it the other way around.”

Dull has experienced both the hybrid option as well as virtual. Although he plans to stay virtual second semester after dropping out of the hybrid option in the first semester.

Junior Jared Ogle had a somewhat similar opinion to Dull. Ogle, along with Madar, has been virtual the entire first semester and will continue to do the same next semester.

“I feel like it is perfectly reasonable,” said Ogle. “There are students who prefer virtual or are afraid of getting the coronavirus, and there are students who prefer or even need to be in person to learn.”

Solon High School students are given an option to go hybrid or virtual going into the second semester, the email sent out to parents explains that students K-6 will stay in person, as it is more productive and a better learning experience for the younger students. The schools have pointed out that they will continue to have this way of learning for younger students, as they closely monitor the number of cases.

As far as preschool and Intensive Special Education, Solon is trying to keep them in the classroom.

“Our youngest learners and those with the most significant needs must be taught in person if at all possible, so we will continue to serve them on-campus” stated Solon Schools in the email sent out to all of the parents and guardians.