Covid-19 impacting winter sports

Covid-19 impacting winter sports

Hayley Hunter, Contributing Writer

The second wave of Covid has set in and athletes’ seasons are in the balance. After just being cleared to play sports a few months back, it’s now once again up in the air at SHS as Covid-19 cases are continuing to increase each day. 

This second wave has ravaged the US near the end of 2020. As stated earlier, Covid cases are increasing with great amounts each day with as many as 190,000 newly diagnosed cases in the US. With that being said, things are starting to be shut down again like schools and that can be a problem for those who play sports. So what does this mean for SHS athletes and their future season?

Junior wrestler Jeremiah Lockett expressed his feelings regarding Covid and his season this year.

“It sucks. I know we’ll have to have restrictions on what we can do” Lockett said. “But I love wrestling, so I hope things won’t get out of hand”.

Junior varsity track runner Jada Freeman spoke on the rather unfortunate situation at hand.

“This second wave of Covid is a clear disadvantage, and we all have to be cautious,” Freeman said. “If one person slips up then it can cost everyone a season they’ve been patiently waiting for”.

However, Freeman isn’t letting Covid affect her season by remaining optimistic for the season because she’s “excited to see where her season is heading even if Covid is trying to hold me back”.

In my opinion, as an athlete myself, I am somewhat bummed that my season is in the balance due to Covid. To me, sports are an escape from school, stress, and it’s something that I do that I truly enjoy but to feel like it is being taken away has taken a toll on me. I feel like I have too much time and I’d like to spend it playing the sports that I love to play (basketball and softball), but now with the extra time, I find myself being more relaxed and not doing much which sucks. But it’s become such a habit of not doing anything that I have become comfortable with not doing anything. Additionally, I am an athletic person year-round, so I just feel out of place. But I plan to remain hopeful that a season will occur, and I can enjoy somewhat of an abnormal year.