Fate: The Winx Saga does not deserve to have Winx in its title

Old (season 2) versus new TV show (season 1)
On top is Flora, Laya/Ashia, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna
On Bottom is Musa, Stella, Bloom, Ashia, Terra

Old (season 2) versus new TV show (season 1) On top is Flora, Laya/Ashia, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna On Bottom is Musa, Stella, Bloom, Ashia, Terra

Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

Netflix has just come out with a new TV series called “Fate: The Winx Saga,”  and while it does somewhat attempt to make reference to the original “Winx” cartoon from Nickelodeon, I feel like it would be better if they had just made a whole new world altogether.

The original “Winx “club show is a cartoon about a group of talented daisies that go on quests to save their world and earth. In each season, they have a chance of evolving into a new fairy which once complete gives them a new outfit, hairstyle and wings. The new transformation is the main plot of all the seasons.

My first problem with the new show is the main character. In the original cartoon version, the names of the main characters are Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna  and Layla/Aisha (they changed Layla name to Aisha after season 2), but in the Netflix version the names of the main characters are Bloom, Stella, Musa, Aisha and Terra ( who from my understanding is who Flora was in the cartoon version). The funny thing with Terra’s name not being Flora is that she tells the other Winx she has a cousin named Flora. I just find it funny that the people writing the script named her Terra but made the effort to say she had a cousin named Flora. But what bothers me even more is that they don’t have Tecna. Now I knew going in that the new show would be different than its original and not just because of the trailer but also because if it was the same there would be a less likely chance that people would enjoy it because they already know what is going to happen, but they added Aisha who in the original TV show doesn’t come in till season two, but they couldn’t even add Tecna who was one of the original Winx.

My next problem has to do with the plot. In The show we find out that as fairies have evolved– they lost the ability to transform and get wings. Now I have to think about this, first I just think it makes the producer of the show look lazy that it’s a show about fairies where for most of the show no fairy has wings and (SPOILER) the one time they show a fairy that could transform it was not that impressive. In the last episode, Bloom finds out that the Burned Ones (the monsters in this universe) are trying to get her and when she battles them she transforms and gains wings, but they are just flames in her back. My second thought about this is that they just should have taken Winx out of the title, changed the characters’ names and made a show about witches, because that’s really what most of this show is about.

Another problem I have with the plot is that Bloom’s parents don’t even know she’s a fairy, they just let her go to a boarding school around the world without getting any information. I get it’s a fictional show, but really do we think that could actually work, especially with how her parents are portrayed? Bloom’s parents are shown as controlling parents who are always in their daughter’s business, and yet they don’t even know her school doesn’t exist.

Now with all this said, I did enjoy the TV show. Yes there are problems and things that I wish were different, but if you were someone who wasn’t a big fan of the original cartoon like I was (I’ve probably watched the first seven seasons of the original 50 times), then I think you’ll enjoy the show. The acting is great. If you like Netflix’s “Chilling adventures of Sabrina,” then I’m sure you’ll love it. The show has that same dark/mature feel to it. 

While I think it has a plot problem, I would absolutely recommend this show to anyone who has not seen the original one and even then I might. Throughout the whole article I complain about how there are many problems with it and there are, but it’s mostly because I liked the original. If you have never seen the original, or did not like the original then you should find this TV show enjoyable. Though I would say it’s for teens and children under 14 should not watch without parent permission as it can get mature.