Sims 4 paranormal, is it something to BOO about?

Image of Sims 4 with paranormal stuff pack

Image of Sims 4 with paranormal stuff pack

Ellis Smith, Contributing Writer

On Jan 26, the Sims came out with the new Paranormal pack which is all about ghosts. Now most people are in the middle of whether the pack is good or not, and in my opinion it is worth the $10.

This stuff pack is $9.99 and, for what it is, I’d say it’s fairly good. Unlike most stuff packs Paranormal doesn’t just come with clothing and building materials but also new jobs and activities. The new job available is ghost hunting which you can only get after leveling up the medium skill.

With the medium skill you can take on the form of a ghost or summon a bunch of specters at once. Once you max out the medium skill, you can get your Paranormal Investigator License from Claude René Duplantier Guidr with the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation and become a freelance investigator. As a freelance investigator, you choose a job every night as an easy, medium or hard level for getting rid of ghosts. At nine at night your Sims will be asked to travel alone to their job or you can come with them and help them out. Coming with the sim on jobs is fun for a little, but when you’re there it’s harder for them to do their jobs because they keep getting the scared emoticon. Besides that, there is no real game play in the pack.

Paranormal pack is a stuff pack though, so it should be more heavily made with clothing and build pieces than actual game play unlike the game pack that is more activity based and the expansion pack which is given a new world with each pack. The build objects have many cool things added to the game and, in my opinion, have a New Orleans feel. Though the clothing items in the pack aren’t very plentiful and are lacking compared to the other stuff packs released in the past. There are about three clothing items in each main category of dress, top, pants, hair, hats, shoes and accessory for kids and adults in the game, but with all the cool supernatural inspired stuff in the pack, I would think they could have added more and more spooky and creative clothing items into the pack.

Now unlike other stuff packs, Paranormal brings a new lot type into the game called haunted house. The haunted house lot will bring ghosts and spirits into the house more than regular house lot types in the Sims along with creepy and weird stuff happening more often. I like that this is a secret type of lot instead of it just happening on any lot a Sims is on because then unless you want ghost and voodoo, you don’t really get any.

One thing that many people are happy about is the bringing back of Bonehilda, a popular computer programmed character from other Sims games. Bonehilda is a skeleton maid in the Sims, but unlike the other Sims games she appears in, you can’t get her by buying a special coffin. In the Sims 4 Paranormal pack to get Bonehilda, your Sims will have to spend a bit of time building their medium skill in order to unlock the ability to summon her at the new séance table. To have the ability to summon her you have to be level three of the skill.

As said before, this is a stuff pack and while there are let downs in the pack, I think for $10 it is an appropriate pack for its cost and could add fun game play to your game. Even though there are not many new articles of clothing, the clothing that is in the pack is pretty and looks great on the Sims character.

I bought this pack and have enjoyed using it in my game. I do not regret  buying it and I don’t think anyone else who owns Sims 4 would regret buying it either.