The purpose and importance of student government at Solon High School


Divjot Kaur

Mrs. Trocchio, the Director of The School Counseling Office and advisor for Student Council

Divjot Kaur, Contributing Writer

Being a role model is important, especially here at Solon High School (SHS). To learn more about Student Council I conducted an interview with the director of Student Council, Mrs. Trocchio. 

Q: According to you, what do you view Student Council as? 

A: Student Council is the school government, it is composed of all of the student leaders in the school that definitely want to create a culture that embraces everyone with unity and also increases spirit and involvement overall in the student body.


Q: What events do you have planned for this upcoming year?

A: Well we hope to do a lot of outreach and focus on school spirit obviously. Also, we would like to focus on the talent show again this year, charity fundraising, service projects, and many other surprises in store for the student body. We have a lot of things that we hope to accomplish this year and also focus on acceptance, inclusion, and unity.


Q: If the CDC changes its guidelines,  how do you believe that it will impact/change your plans? 

A: We hope that we won’t experience the same situation we have had to experience in the past. We may have to wear our masks and they’ll be mandated, but hopefully, we will still be present and here. We are actually looking at all the positives and are not looking at the negatives, so we hope that COVID won’t affect us other than mandatory mask-wearing which is fine because we can still be together and do all of these activities.


Q: How does Student Council help people grow?

A: I believe Student Council really helps people grow because you have your leaders who serve as role models and hopefully everyone else will participate, join in and it helps the school grow in a lot of ways with acceptance of each other. It also builds school spirit so everybody is on the same team, rooting for the same things helps create a safe environment with a lot of fun It helps everyone grow in leadership and outreach. 

In Student Council, students develop skills like leadership, communication, organization, teamwork, and public speaking. Lastly, it is open for everyone to join and become a part of the team. 


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