College representatives at Solon

Hannah Toth attending a college visit to Ohio University.

Lori Toth

Hannah Toth attending a college visit to Ohio University.

Hannah Toth, Contributing Writer

With college applications due dates coming soon, college representatives are coming to the Solon High School and meeting with students. Representatives are talking with students about different opportunities offered at their school.

Guidance counselor Brad Sims, who is in charge of the program, expresses its importance and why students should attend the meetings.

“I think it’s a great time for juniors and seniors,” Sims said. “In reality, to be able to interact with admissions reps, they can list out all the programs that are offered at the school. Depending on the size of the institution, they may actually be the person who’s doing the first read of the essay for the student who’s applying.”

The program hopes to help students with the college choosing process and even help with application problems if necessary. Students are given the chance to talk with counselors and staff from schools they might not have a chance to look at due to issues travelling there. Sims hopes that more students will look into the program and attend the visits.

“This year I think students need to take a little bit more advantage of it,” Sims said. “I think last year with things being virtual, maybe some people still are used to that format. So obviously reminders [are] going out to students to sign up to juniors and seniors.”

Students are sent emails and notifications about meetings through both Naviance and Gmail. Some meetings happen over Zoom while others are actually held at the school. Senior, Sammie Weinberg has been going on college visits during the summer and has continued through the school year. Weinberg has been using the in person college representative presentations as a helpful basis during her college choosing process.

“I have attended four college visits, but I have not yet talked to any college representatives, yet I plan to meet with one in a few weeks,” Weinberg said.

Some students have decided to not use the opportunities provided by the school. Another senior, Matthew Seifert, has only been on the actual college visits and has not attended any of the representative presentations and Q and As.

“I have been going to the campuses in person,” Seifert said. “I think it is better to see the campus myself and being there is more helpful.”

Having the chance to speak to representatives can help a student decide on what school is best for them. Representatives can give students a better understanding of what the colleges can offer and answer any questions students may have.

“It’s nice to see FaceTime [and] get any questions that you may have [answered],” Sims said. “Especially if you don’t have the opportunity to get down to the campus or the virtual visit just isn’t enough and are looking for that one-on-one kind of interaction with the rep. It’s a great time to do that.”