New #1 most watched Korean series “Squid Game”

Episode 2, Hell. Everyone lines up to make a decision whether they want to go home or they want to stay and continue to play the games

Screenshot by Angeli from Netflix

Episode 2, Hell. Everyone lines up to make a decision whether they want to go home or they want to stay and continue to play the games

Angeli Thompson, Editor and Chief

The new South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” has taken the world by storm these past few weeks, as it is now #1 most watched show on Netflix. The series came out on Sept. 17, and encompasses nine episodes of blood. Yes, blood.

If you’re a little faint-of-heart, I wouldn’t recommend watching this show. There is a lot of gore and mature language. But if you’re into that, by all means.

Second person is the main character Lee Jung-Jae #456 and front left is Park Hae-Hoo who plays #218 as Sang-Woo (iStock)

The star of the cast is Lee Jung-Jae who plays the protagonist Seong Gi-hun (#456), a divorced single father persistent on gaining custody of his daughter through endless gambling, as he is now in debt and owes a lot of people money. Gong Yoo, who plays The Salesmen, offers Gi-hun a deal of his lifetime just to play a simple game.

Little does Gi-hun know, this deal will change his life forever. And little does anyone know, this small deal will eventually be the death of hundreds of people. Why? Money, and a chance to win their lives back. To go more in depth, each Squid Games player is in debt, and gets to play a series of games, earning a lot of money throughout. One catch: if you lose the game, you lose your life.

Jung Ho-Yeon, #067 (iStock)

Jung Ho-Yeon, who plays Kang Sae-Byeok as #067 in the series, was debatably everyone’s favorite character in the show. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but it took a while for anyone to really understand her character. By the end of the show, the last scene we see her in really broke my heart. If you haven’t watched the series, and you’re not sure if you want to, Sae-Byeok definitely gives you a reason.

Anyways, I personally loved the series but one main issue, since it was dubbed, was that some of the subtitles were wrong. In the article, “Squid Game” is the latest example of when subtitles are a little off, an interview describes how some of the subtitles took away from the cultural references throughout the show, and how translations can’t seem to keep up.

“Very intelligently written ideas and ideologies that the writer’s trying to express to us – they’re getting literally just taken out of the script because the translation can’t translate that in real time,” said Youngi Mayer, a comedian based in New York City, and the co-host of “Feeling Asian” podcast.

So as much as everyone loves the series, there’s been some unfortunate minor details that make it a little less appealing that a lot of people don’t know about. Other than those small details, the thrilling series was suspenseful and grabbed the attention of viewers.

Not only does the show have a lot of gore, but there’s also a lot of rivalry. By rivalry I mean this show really proves people can’t trust anyone, and that anyone they know could stab them in the back, completely disregarding any bond they might’ve had. But I swear it keeps viewers on their toes the whole time and makes everyone want to keep watching.

I personally thought the acting throughout the show was amazing. Besides the fact that it’s dubbed and those watching it with subtitles can’t experience the true references, the acting was well thought-out and dramatic. Since this show is striking, good acting is such an important thing. Throughout the nine episodes you can clearly see when a character is distraught, or consumed with built-up emotion. Because, not only do the viewers not know what’s going to happen next, neither do the actors in the show. Each character portrays this very well, and each has their own personality that gives the show more diversity.

Now because this show primarily took place inside a so-called warehouse, the characters don’t get much freedom. They can’t change their clothes, and have a strict meal plan. Each player in the show gets the same colored track suit or jumpsuit to wear each day. Viewers can see throughout the show that each character has their own number which they are referred to as, and they wear the exact same, filthy, blood-spattered clothes each day. Doesn’t matter if they have blood, feces, or regurgitation on their clothes, they have to wear it every single day. And I feel like this ties really well into the trauma the show portrays.

This was actually the first Korean show I’ve ever watched, and it was honestly really spectacular and I’d 100% recommend it to anyone who would possibly be interested in watching something new. The ending of this show was absolutely shocking, and I didn’t expect it in the slightest. Other similar series if you have watched Squid Game and are looking for other Korean based shows to watch are “Alice in Borderland,” “Sweet Home,” “Kingdom,” and “My Name.’” (“My Name” is the newest Korean series that just hit Netflix, and it’s very similar to Squid Game.)