Students got into the spirit of Halloween last Friday

“I am a perfect Snow white” -Mr. Staab

“I am a perfect Snow white” -Mr. Staab

Divjot Kaur, Contributing Writer

As students and staff welcomed this year’s Halloween celebrations, they brought the school to life with their unique and spooky costumes. From Snow White to Winnie The Pooh, the halls were filled with color and excitement as students were waiting in anticipation for the 31st.

“I really like Alice In Wonderland and I made the costume last year but nobody could see it because of COVID” -Ellis Smith

“We are the Avengers” -Dominic Carlozzi, Emily Tomko and Stevie Parker

“The English department is a zoo and I’m also Mrs. Fish-man so this costume best fits me” -Mrs. Fishman

“Aaaarrrrgggghhh! Ahoy, Me Hearties” -Michelle Park

“I match the qualities of Bat-woman” -Mrs. Weiss

“I am a sinful sister/naughty nun” -Alaisha ‘Pryncezz’ Powell

“Owoooooooo” – Mrs. Buemi

“Happy Easter” -Jordan Johnson

“A bloody nurse” -Mrs. Rodriguez

“Power in Unity” – Mr. Rivera, Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Keys

“With the Vampire” -Nick Kruse, Tyler Pollock, Alex Rosen, Adam Yousef, Kevin Grunzweig and Mrs. Ahrens

“I’m ready for virtual class” -Mrs. Kyler

“My Mexican Heritage was my inspiration for this costume” -Mrs. Deflice

“Moooooooooooooooo” -Himank Juttiga

“Two cheerleaders and a football player is a perfect combination” -Isabelle Palumbo, Nevaeh Blythewood and Nevaeh Porter.

“My mom said I had a budget and that I would have to buy the costume from my own money, so I just made a witch costume myself” – Emma Rothenfield

“I’m in love with the joker” -Jay Bickerstaff

“Hi Honey”- Mr. Lyons