What will Solon’s seniors do after graduation?

Photo found on iStock.

Photo found on iStock.

Devon Apanasewicz, Contributing Writer

As we move further into the school year, students are making more and more post-high school decisions. Seniors planning on attending college have started applying for admission and financial aid.
A survey was created to gather data on Solon’s senior’s preferences when making post-high school decisions. Figuring out the details after high school can be stressful. The purpose of the survey was to find the future plans of students post-high school – environmentally, culturally, monetarily or all of the above.

There were 136 total responses from the senior class. The first question asked students what their plan was for after high school.

The statistics showed that 94.4% of respondents plan on attending college/university, 2.9% of students plan on taking a gap year, 1.5% of respondents don’t plan on attending college/university and 0.7% reported they would be going to work right out of high school.

52.9% of seniors plan to stay in Ohio, mostly due to costs. On the other hand, 47.1% plan on leaving the state, mostly to chase new experiences.

Some of Solon’s seniors were able to meet face-to-face, to see what other students are interested in or planning to do, and to better grasp how other students are making post-high school decisions.

Ellis Smith

“Last year I took animation,” Ellis Smith said, “This year I’m taking AP Digital Art and AP Studio Art, and I’m also taking creative writing.”

Smith continues that she will further her goals in college.

“I’m going to go to Ohio University and major in animation along with some other stuff,” she said. “I found out, I believe, [on] Oct. 15 they accepted me.”

She is also looking ahead to internship programs after college.

“OU has an internship program in LA, so I would hopefully get a job down there, from that, ‘cause most of the kids get jobs down there during their internships.” Smith said, “ I would just stay down there and work until I’m able to get into Disney.”

Jad Khalid

“I’m going to college,” Jad Khalid said. “I’m probably going to John Carroll. Specifically, for the medical field- to be a reconstructive surgeon- so pre-med is gonna be the move.”

Following pre-med programs at John Carroll, he intends on attending Case Western Reserve University.

“What’s important to my decision-making right now is cost,” Khalid said, “I’m gonna want to cut down as much as possible for sure.”

Rianna Dayonchik

“I’m going to go to Cleveland State University,” Rianna Dayonchik said. “I want to go for health sciences and pre-physical therapy. It will take like six years.”

After four years of pre-physical therapy, CSU has a two-year program for physical therapist certification.

“It needs to be close to home and, lowkey, I don’t want to go to any party schools or anything like that.”

Tyler Murray

“I’m thinking about Baldin Wallace, Ohio University, Ohio State, a lot of in-state schools,” Tyler Murray said. “I just don’t have that kind of money to go out of state.”

He is favoring colleges/universities with a larger student population and plans on majoring in acting and theater

Lane Booker

“My plan is to go to college and major in exercise science and become a physical therapist,” Lane Booker said. “I feel like physical therapy is a way to help people get back on their feet, possibly after a low point physically, but also mentally as well.”

Booker is keeping a positive mindset to reach his goals.

“If you work hard at anything that you want to do, you can achieve it,” Booker said, “It’s gonna be hard, but if you put your mind to it, and keep working, and keep focused, you can achieve anything.”

He is casting a wide net for Ohio colleges during his application process.

“Right now I’m looking at a bunch of Ohio schools like Kent, Akron and Bowling Green.”

He is also interested in a few out-of-state colleges, but his decision ultimately comes down to what he’s passionate about.

“I just want to help people in any way possible.”