Top 10 Beatles albums of all time

A shot from the documentary of the Beatles working on their album.
Taken through Walt Disney Studios

A shot from the documentary of the Beatles working on their album. Taken through Walt Disney Studios

Hannah Toth, Contributing Writer

Over 50 years after the release of their final album, Disney is releasing the unseen photo-age of The Beatles “Let it be” album. The documentary, “The Beatles: Get Back,” is a three part series about the production of the album. With this release on Nov. 25, the idea of what is the best Beatles album comes into mind. There are the top 10 best Beatles albums based on how the album performed on the charts, featured songs and artistic choices made on the album.


The Beatles album cover for “Beatles for Sale.”

10. Beatles for Sale

“Beatles for Sale” is the fourth album released by the Beatles and is a great example of music from the time. The album features songs like “Everybody’s trying to be my baby” and “Rock and roll music” which both give off heavy old school vibes. When listening to the album one of the first things to come to mind is Elvis and the music of the era. While these songs are good, there are no stand out songs on the album, and it didn’t perform as well as many other albums by the Beatles. The album didn’t have any number one hits on it with the album as a whole only staying at number one for eleven weeks.




The Beatles album cover for “Please Please Me.”

9. Please Please Me

Ranked at number nine is “Please Please Me.” “Please Please Me” is the debut album of the band and while good, is not the best. The album features songs like “Twist ‘and Shout” which performed well on the charts. While it is a cover, the song is the only Beatles cover to reach the top ten on the charts. However, the other songs on the album are bland, and not many of them stand out when compared to “Twist and Shout.” When listening to the album a lot of the songs blend together and the difference between the first and last song is minuscule. Despite this, the album performed well on the charts, peaking at number one and staying there for 30 weeks consecutively. The release of this album kick started the career of the Beatles.


The Beatles album cover for “Let It Be.”

8. Let it Be

At number eight is “Let it be.” “Let it be” is the final album by the Beatles and overall didn’t perform as well as its predecessors. While it did top the charts, it only topped for three weeks. Despite the performance of the album as a whole, both the songs “Get back” and “Let it be” both performed well as singles peaking at number one and two and also both peaked at number one in the US. As the ending of their career, “Let it be” feels almost sad and a let down. With the songs being more slow and almost giving off a country and old school rock vibe. While this is not necessarily bad, it makes the album sleepy and the songs blend together after a full listen.



The Beatles album cover for “Rubber Soul.”

7. Rubber Soul

“Rubber Soul” is a more distinguishable Beatles with them finally discovering the hippie vibes that they were known for. In this album, the old school rock and country like vibes are done right. The standout guitar that is almost overtaking the singer really works and makes the listener want to listen to the instrumentals and less on the lyrics. This makes the album just an overall good listen for background music while doing something else. The album didn’t perform as well on the charts, but the artistic approach the band took made the album calm and enjoyable to listen to. Songs like “Norwegian wood” and “In my life” are great examples of this and are also stand outs.



The Beatles Album cover for “Help!”

6. Help!

“Help!” comes in at number six with top charting songs like “Yesterday” and “Help,” both of which did well on the charts at number one and number eight for over 10 weeks. Despite the success of these two songs, the other songs on the album do not reflect the same success. The album’s highest chart position was first but not for as long as many of their other albums. This was most likely due to lack of spice in the rest of the album as the other songs are not as memorable. “Ticket to ride” is another song on the album that has some following the great high energy of “Help!” However, the other songs on this album have a lot more energy and dance-like qualities that makes the album a great listen when wanting to feel happier. While some of the lyrics may be sad, the backing tracks and instrumentals give the songs a feel good energy.


5. Abbey Road

The Beatles album cover for “Abbey Road.”

“Abbey Road” has one of the Beatles’ most famous album covers. Besides its famous cover, the album also has an impressive history on the charts, charting for over 80 weeks when first released. The album also houses two of the Beatles’ most recognizable songs, “Come Together” and “Here Comes the Sun,” which are both household names within the music industry. Besides the classics, this album has some other amazing understated songs like “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” which has the instrumentals of an old fashioned film soundtrack. It’s just one example of this vibe that the album putouts. “Abbey Road” makes the listener feel a blast from the past and a warm nostalgic feeling.


The Beatles album cover for “Revolver.”

4. Revolver

“Revolver” is one of the Beatles’ most notable pieces. With songs like “Eleanor Rigby” and “Yellow Submarine,” the Beatles’ ability to tell a story through song and lyrics is really showcased. It also performed well on the charts, peaking at number one for over 30 weeks consecutively. Lyrically, “Revolver” is a great album and the titles of the songs are unique and lovable. In “Eleanor Rigby ” the characters mentioned within the lyrics were created fictionally and have stories made by song writer, Paul McCartney. Lyrics like “Father McKenzie, Writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear” are what makes the song what it is. The lyrics are all depressing which is matched perfectly with the instrumentals. The orchestra made of all strings and voices add to the song well. Ironically enough this song is followed up by “Yellow Submarine” and “Good Day Sunshine” which cheer you up after the emotions produced by “Eleanor Rigby.” The same hippie vibes and mixed in along with a more satire mood makes the album an emotional roller coaster that is an amazing listen overall.


The Beatles album cover for “White.”

3. White

The white album by the Beatles, despite having no title, made quite the name for itself. Many popular songs like “Back in the USSR” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” are great examples of the Beatles’ ability to create a scene and story. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” is the definition of a happy go lucky song and tells a great story of a romance, family and band all in one song. It’s a masterpiece and is a great listen for trying to lift your mood from being sad. “Back in the USSR ” incorporated harmonies by The Beach Boys and is a perfect blend of their styles of music. The song itself is inspired completely by The Beach Boys “California Girls” but in my opinion The Beatles did the concept better. The album as a whole is one of the Beatles’ most popular ones. With the Rock of the 1960s being on full display within every instrumental on the album. On the charts, it didn’t perform as well as it predecessors- not having a number one hit at all, but in my opinion the album was just ahead of its time and still holds up today as one of the best.


The Beatles album cover for “Magical Mystery Tour.”

2. Magical Mystery Tour

While only released as EPs in the UK, “Magical Mystery Tour” has some of the best songs by the Beatles. Notable songs like “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields” were both released in this series of EPs. Considering this was only a single album in the US, it performed well on the charts, peaking at number one at its highest position. The album as a whole has the most notable songs out of every other album on this list. The bright album cover perfectly represents the songs within as the happy go lucky, bright colors stay true to the music. The songs included are all great nostalgic pieces that make any listener hypnotized. The psychedelic vibes of the 1960s definitely inspired the album as a whole and helped make this masterpiece. “Magical Mystery Tour” is a perfect listen when chilling at the beach on a sunny day with no care in the world.


The Beatles album cover for “Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

1. Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

“Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” is what many say is the album that defined the Beatles. On the charts this album dominated, staying at number one for over 27 weeks. The album lyrically is amazing with notable songs like “Lucy in the sky With Diamonds” and “With a little help from my friends” which both performed extremely well on the charts. The high energy put out by this album can only be described as feeling good and peppy. The famous hippie and satire energy of the Beatles is on full display for the listeners’ enjoyment. The album is bright and lovable with some more calming pieces that make the album a great everyday listen. Many of their other songs include unique and lovable elements. Songs like “A Day In The Life” which has lyrics like “He blew his mind out in a car, he didn’t notice that the lights had changed” which make for a great rhyme sequence and add to the artistic approach taken on the song. The Beatles were also creative with the setup of the album as they added a reprise to the starting song. This creates an amazing full circle to an already well put together album.