Indoor track is back

Senior track distance runner Ryan Goldfeder

Senior track distance runner Ryan Goldfeder

Ethan Dobres, Contributing Writer

The winter sports season is once again back at Solon High School (SHS), including indoor track. The team’s first meet is in January at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva. They returned to practice after coming back from Thanksgiving break with their first work-out at the school. Senior distance runner Ryan Goldfeder is excited for his last indoor track season.

“I think it’s going to go really [well],” Goldfeder said.

Goldfeder, who also runs on the varsity cross country team, is optimistic about the team’s performance this season.

“We have a great 4 x 8, two returners who have run 1:57, and a pretty deep team in terms of speed,” Goldfeder said.

Goldfeder’s teammate Adam Yousef, one of the team’s mile runners and fellow cross country runner, shared Goldfeder’s excitement.

“I’m a senior, this is my last season,” Yousef said. “I’m excited to see how all the guys on my team do this year.”

This year also marks Brian Sabol’s return to the helm as Solon track coach. Sabol, a former boys cross country coach, replaced Matt Wieczorek, the current boys cross country coach. The track athletes have been happy with Sabol’s performance.

“Sabol stepped in to help us get in good shape… he’s been great so far,” Goldfeder said.

Yousef held similar opinions on his new coach. He noted the changes in practice that Sabol has brought to the team.

“I think [Coach Sabol]’s doing a great job,” Yousef said. “He’s definitely gotten adjusted to us, and we’ve gotten adjusted to him… [the] practice schedule’s been a little different, but I think everyone’s enjoying it.”

Yousef described their new practice schedule consisting of “workouts, easy runs and lifting.”

Even though the sport is based inside, the track team has not avoided the cold Ohio December weather.

“Usually… we run outside. It’s been pretty cold, but not too bad so far,” Goldfeder said.

Hannah Olszweski, a junior shot put thrower, also felt hopeful for the girls track team. Shot put is an indoor track event where players throw a heavy ball as far as possible. Olszweski, who has been throwing since seventh grade, will have her first meet on Jan. 6.

“I’m very excited this year,” Olszewski said. “We have had a lot more female members show up. I’ve historically been one of the only throwers for our girls team. We have more girls coming though.”

Beginning her first season as an upperclassmen, Olszewski is starting to think about the track team’s performance after she graduates.

“We’re doing our absolute best to catch [underclassmen] up… and to get them started off on good habits to make sure our team stays strong once the upperclassmen leave,” Olszewski said.

Though Goldfeder and Yousef will graduate in the next couple years, they foresee a bright future for the team after they leave.

“I think they have a young talent and they’re gonna see a lot of success in the years after my graduation,” Yousef said.

Goldfeder agreed with Yousef’s positive attitude.

“I think [next season]’ll be good. We have 3 or 4 of our seniors in varsity, but we have some pretty good juniors and sophomores coming up,” Goldfeder said.

The athletes are all looking forward to getting back on the track and working hard in their respective events.