Student Council kicks off Spirit Week with new themes

This flier can be found on the Solon High School home page and can also be found on Solon Student Councils Instagram page.

This flier can be found on the Solon High School home page and can also be found on Solon Student Council’s Instagram page.

Mia Ray, Contributing Writer

Students at Solon High School (SHS) have kept traditions that connected SHS to a more creative and expressive style. There have been dunk tanks, end of the year bashes, pep rallies and Spirit Boys throughout students’ years at SHS. The tradition students are currently celebrating is Spirit Week.

Spirit Week is begins today in anticipation of the Homecoming Dance. Student Council presidents Ava Zweig and Josh Russman researched to find themes that they believe students will enjoy.

“Actually, I kind of dabbled around with a bunch of different groups to see what everyone is willing to do,” Zweig said. “It’s really difficult to maximize participation because so many kids think they are too cool or if it’s too much work to dress up they won’t do it. So, because of that, our key this year was simplicity, and I think we kind of mastered that. Pajama day is a fan favorite, jersey day is a classic, and lots of things like that are what I think are going to make this year successful. The TikTok trends too have been very helpful, and TikTok gets many people excited about it so I think that is a major tool for us to help get people involved.”

Zweig and the rest of the members tried to include popular favorites, but also something new so students can experience new things. Many students refuse to participate because they just don’t feel like dressing up, so the Student Council hopes that students will be more excited to participate because of the newer themes.

“Well we want everyone to participate ultimately,” said Russman. “We are trying to advertise it to everyone so that everyone knows about it, and we think that there is a lack of school spirit in the school, and so we think that Spirit Week is a way to bring everyone together.”

Throughout the continuing years at SHS, students have become less and less involved with many activities. The only true expectation that Student Council members, like Russman, have is that students truly have fun and participate to their fullest. They want school spirit to rise and for SHS to come together and support each other.

SHS counselor and advisor of Student Council Ann Trocchio believes Spirit Week is a great way to show school spirit.

“This is a great way to show your support– bringing all the Comets together regardless of grade – participate and celebrate,” Trocchio said. “We have new ideas this year – Adam Sandler day is a huge hit all around the country. Wear your best baggies and have fun being Adam for the day. In addition, carry a baby picture of you and dress just like it. Have fun dressing as a baby.”

Students can access the Solon High School home page and find the picture illustrated above to use for their own convenience.