Student Council hoping for strong student turnout at Royal themed Homecoming

Designed by Dev Ahuja

Designed by Dev Ahuja

Solon High School’s annual homecoming will commence on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m and end at 10 p.m. This year’s theme is royal, loosely inspired by “Bridgerton.” The Homecoming court is widely spread with students that are athletes and Student Council members.

Guidance Counselor and Student Council advisor Ann Trocchio plays a huge part in decorating for homecoming.

“The decorator is a different one this year, we are looking at some really cool decorations that are in the gym and some outside,” Trocchio said. “We rented the 360 photo booth and we have a new DJ.”

Something new for homecoming that is different from the other years is the food and drinks that relate to the theme.

“There will be pizza and snacks and things like that, [but] this year it’s gonna be a little different,” Trocchio said. “We don’t have someone coming in to do it…there will be some individually wrapped things that you guys can purchase.We also will have the three mocktails this year again with lights in the different bins.”

Cheerleader Kate Rose is running for homecoming court and excited to run.

“I wanted to run this year because it’s a little out of my comfort zone,” Rose said. “I haven’t really done anything like this throughout my high school career, and I was like it’s senior year and go out with a bang.”

Another member of the homecoming court, Morgan Blackford expressed why she wanted to run and who she wanted to represent while running.

“I’m running with James Howell, and I decided to run with him because we’re both in track and we’re both in band, so I thought it would be a cool combination,” Blackford said.

Student Council member Manya Mentha addressed why it is important to attend school functions such as homecoming.

“I’d say that it’s high school where we [have] four years to make wonderful memories,” Mentha said. “You can go three years if you want, but I’d say go four years cause after your senior year you’re not gonna experience homecoming again.”

Student Council President Ava Zweig said that the Student Council is promoting homecoming through various platforms.

“So we have been doing a lot of advertising regarding homecoming and the biggest goal for us this year is just to get people to come,” Zweig said.

Zweig also mentioned how important it is to attend the dances and make memories of your high school experience.

“It is really sad how people don’t like school functions, like high school doesn’t last forever and a lot of people really take advantage of it even if it’s for a short amount of time,” Zweig said. “It’s been our goal to just get people to come to homecoming, so being on student council and kinda promoting has been a lot of fun.”