Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius with her new album “Midnights” being the best selling album of 2022

Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius with her new album “Midnights” being the best selling album of 2022

Kassidy Samuelraj, Contributing Writer

Almost two years after Taylor Swift released her last original album “evermore,” the 32-year-old American singer-songwriter released her new 13-song album, “Midnights” on Oct. 21, 2022. Swift explained that the album is the story of 13 sleepless nights and the feelings that come with them. With the release of this new album, Swift announced that she would be going on her first major tour in almost five years.

Swift opens her album with “Lavender Haze” which starts off with an upbeat backing. This electropop music to start off an album is different for Swift as her 2019 and 2020 albums, “folklore” and “evermore,” started off with a soft backing made up of the notes of pianos and guitars. On the hit single, Swift used the 1950s slang term “lavender haze” which was used to describe the feeling of being in love, and put her own spin on the meaning and importance of it. Swift does this by repeating the lyric, “I just wanna stay in that lavender haze.” When asked about the meaning of the song, she expresses how she feels that her relationships are impacted by the outside influences of fans and social media.

Near the middle of the album is the song “Anti-Hero.” This hit song has already reached number one on Billboard Hot 100. The song starts off with an upbeat backing with emotional lyrics about her own feelings. Swift sings about her insecurities, feelings, and anxieties in life. Swift explores her re-discovery of life but puts it into a lighthearted tone. The song, along with many others in the album, convey a vulnerable side of the singer

Other songs such as “You’re On Your Own, Kid” and “Snow On The Beach” which features the popular female singer, Lana Del Ray, are said to be “heartbreaking” and have a softer tune. These songs make the album more emotional and relatable. Many fans claim that they are able to connect with these songs easily.

The album is considered to have a similar storyline as her previous albums “evermore” and “folklore.” The album relates back to her previous music as she is viewing her past in a more mature aspect than she did in her previous albums. The second song in her new album, “Maroon,” is considered to be a spin off of her 2012 song, “Red.” “Maroon” is telling a different and more mature version of a love story that “Red” was also encompassing.

The lyrics are just one of the aspects that makes this album so remarkable. The production quality of the album is overall excellent. The aesthetic and storyline of the album is unique and descriptive.

Overall, the album is emotional and relatable and helps the audience really understand where Swift is coming from. The vulnerability of the lyrics in this album is what makes it such an amazing and empowering album. While some fans consider this album a “hot mess,” other fans believe Swift is a “mastermind.” Personally, I think the album is impressive and one of her better albums. I liked the language and the hidden meanings behind the lyrics that are open to interpretation. The album is filled with heartbreak and emotion that really emphasizes the meaning behind the album. Swift addresses many different issues people, like herself, face in life and puts her own spin on it. She also manages to keep the meanings of her lyrics broad and open to different interpretations while burying heavy metaphors and symbolism.