Solon High School’s Gymnastics team hoping for more student turnout this season

2022 Solon Gymnastics team

Photo taken by Doug Wolfe

2022 Solon Gymnastics team Photo taken by Doug Wolfe

Emma Wellman, Staff Writer

Solon High School’s gymnastics is one of the teams at SHS that doesn’t have a large student section. Many students are unaware that SHS has a gymnastics team– gymnasts Tali Rabkin and Anna Wong give their insight on being on the team. Rabkin gives her insight in the interview below.

Q: How long have you been on the gymnastics team?

A: Well, I’ve been doing gymnastics for my entire life but I’ve been on the Solon gymnastics team for three years.

Q: What’s your favorite event?

A: It kind of changes but my favorite event to compete is floor because you really get to express yourself and show your skills with the music and your dance and you get to really show off.

Q: How do you pick your music?

A: To pick your music, what I do, I go on YouTube and I like to find a song, so my floor music from this year is “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce, and I’[d] never heard it before. I like to find music that is unique and different, I like to find music that encapsulates who I am as an individual so mine is Beyonce.

Anna Wong leaps through the air Photo taken by Doug Wolfe

Q: How many people usually show up to your meets?

A: We get a different amount of visitors depending on which team is hosting. For example, family members will come to meets, sometimes gymnasts friends will come to meets, and I love to see the occasional boyfriend of others show up.

Q: If people aren’t aware of the team and don’t join, are you nervous the team could go away?

A: It has been an issue. Last year when I was a sophomore we didn’t get any new gymnasts on, but this year we have three new people and another potential [gymnast] that emailed that she wants to join. So I feel like the more we make the team known to the school, because some people don’t even know we have a gymnastics team, and so the more we make it known the more respect and appreciation for the sport will be good. Maybe the spirit boys can come to our competitions, maybe they say on the announcements, hey home meet, because they don’t talk about it for gymnastics.

Q: Do you have anything else to add?

A: I think one of the good things about gymnastics is that even though it’s not a team sport, you are competing against your teammates, you still cheer them on and you still make an effort to show your excitement for your friends and fellow gymnasts because it works together for the team score.

Wong gives her insight on this in the video below.

Solon High School gymnastics team needs students’ support at their meets. To support them, go to their next meet, Friday, January 20, 2023 at Elite Gymnastics Academy.