Preparation for the track season

Varsity Coach Dan Iwan

Varsity Coach Dan Iwan

Andrew Hall, Staff Writer

The indoor track team had their first meet Jan. 12, and are now in full swing. Indoor track helps athletes prepare for the outdoor track season. The question is how the coaches and athletes are preparing for this year? Varsity Coach Dan Iwan and Jaelin Apple share their preparation to keep their stats from last year still getting better.

Interview with Jaelin Apple

Q: What have you been doing to prepare?

A: To prepare for the season, I went to the gym three days a week doing all sorts of exercises. I mainly worked on leg workouts in order to maximize my force on the ground. I also have been laying off the fast food in order to build up my body. Instead of fast food, I would eat more home cooked meals containing more protein and carbs so that my body could build itself up.

Q: Do you think you personally will do better this season than last and why?

A: Personally, I believe I will do better this season than the last because of the amount of work I put in. If I didn’t go the extra step to put in more work, then I would not be confident about this season. Generally speaking, people usually get faster over the years because their body’s have time to grow stronger. So add that to working out over the summer and you get a faster version of yourself.

Q: How do you think the team will do overall this season and why?

A: I believe the team is going to be really good this season. We have a lot of new talented sprinters and a lot of returning veterans. Each person has a lot of potential. We ended last season in a great spot as runners. Even though we lost some good people last year, we have some good people who can fill those gaps.

Q: Do you believe there are any promising underclassmen on the team right now?

A: Some promising underclassmen that have stood out to me are Otis Thomas, Eric Del Torto, Cole Taylor and Brian Mcquaide. All these runners have both excelled during meets and have set new PR’s for themselves. Brian and Eric are both returning vets but they both have gotten way faster than previous years. Otis and Cole both are open to learning and fixing their form in order to improve themselves. They also show real potential in their speed as well. Overall, I think these four athletes have a real good shot at making it far in the season.

Interview with Coach Iwan

As their season continues, they will keep trying to out perform themselves at each meet and keep training to get better, especially as the outdoor season approaches.