Eat, learn and have fun at the Ethnic Expo on Saturday, March 11

Solon Model UN will hold their ninth annual Ethnic Expo this Saturday, March 11. The SHS Cultural Dance Club will be one of the performing acts at the event. Courtesy of Dev Ahuja.

Solon Model UN will hold their ninth annual Ethnic Expo this Saturday, March 11. The SHS Cultural Dance Club will be one of the performing acts at the event. Courtesy of Dev Ahuja.

Avantika Pai, Staff Writer

Solon Model UN will hold the Ethnic Expo this Saturday, March 11 at Solon High School (SHS) from 6-9 p.m. Visitors can expect a wide variety of dishes from each of the culture clubs, an art auction held by the Intrinsic Art Club, a performance of Capoeira Brasília, a fashion show and entertainment from the Guitar Club and the Cultural Dance Club.

Admission into the event is free, but visitors can pay for tickets to use to buy food and enter into the art auction. All proceeds will go towards SHS culture and art clubs, as well as the Solon Model UN organization.

One of the main focuses of the event is the individual booths of each SHS culture club. These clubs include African American Culture, Applied Mandarin, Asian Culture, French Culture, Girl Up, Indian Culture, Italian Culture, Japanese Culture, Jewish Culture, Islamic Culture and Spanish Culture. Each club will be selling a variety of dishes from their respective culture’s cuisine.

Asian Culture Club public relations officer Sarah Liao described how her group will highlight the diversity of Asian cuisine with foods from Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries.

Spanish Culture Club president Rebeca Vinseiro says her station will feature foods from various Hispanic countries –tostadas from Mexico, the drink Morir Soñando from the Dominican Republic, tres leches cake from Venezuela and Chupa Chups, a Spanish brand of lollipops.

“I hope that people will become more interested in Hispanic culture and more open-minded to the culture,” Vinseiro said. “I know trying new foods may be scary, and I hope people will try new foods from our culture.”

Students have also designed a poster display for their clubs to showcase aspects of their culture. Liao explained that the goal of the Asian Culture Club is to highlight the distinct culture of each of Asia’s 48 countries by including maps of Asia on their display.

The SHS culture clubs have had creative independence while making their respective displays. The Spanish Culture Club poster features Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries’ geography, fun facts about Hispanic culture and pictures from previous club meetings.

Not only can visitors use their tickets to buy the food from each culture club station, but they can also use them to enter into the art auction.  At the end of the event, a drawing will be held, and the winning ticket holders will be able to take the artwork home with them. According to art club Co-President Jahnavi Roychowdhury, the artwork will reflect the diversity of the culture clubs and the school.

The art auction will feature pieces made by students in the Intrinsic Art Club. Jahnavi Roychowdhury made this piece and it will be up for auction.

When describing how this year’s Ethnic Expo will be different from the previous years, Model UN President Dev Ahuja described how this year, the organizers are focusing on making this event more family-friendly.

“There will be an origami and henna booth for kids to enjoy,” Ahuja said. “It’s an open space for everyone in the community.”

Overall, Ahuja hopes people will gain more cultural awareness and a greater appreciation for the diversity in the community through the event.

“This is a great opportunity to experience the inclusive community and to share all the cultures that we’re lucky to have in this community,” Ahuja said. “It’ll be a great place to try new foods and see all we have to offer.”