Is “Outer Banks” season three worth watching?

Is “Outer Banks” season three worth watching?

Kassidy Samuelraj, Staff Writer

The hit Netflix Original “Outer Banks” released its third season on Thursday, Feb. 23, a year after the release of season two. The show got a ton of great reviews over the first and second seasons and was a fan favorite. With the release of season three, the reviews have started to drop as fans question if the story is being stretched too far. I mean, how long can a treasure hunt really go on for?

Warning – There will be season one and two spoilers mentioned in the following article.

“Outer Banks” is known for being an emotional rollercoaster. The “Outer Banks” creators Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke tend to throw a lot of action into the show. The creators claim to have a “no boring episodes’ philosophy,” according to an interview with Burke conducted by Tara Bitran. The show clearly sticks to that philosophy as fans never know what they’re going to be hit with next. Season one encompassed the start of the huge treasure hunt for the Royal Merchant. Within this season, we are hit with the two tribes on the island, the Kooks and the Pogues, and the issues that arise between them. In the first two seasons, we follow the story of John B, Sarah, JJ, Pope and Kiara. The group searches for an ancient treasure but even more, answers. They deal with heartbreak, losses, successes, tragedies, friendship and more.

Season two ends with Ward Cameron faking his own death, Rose drugging Sarah and the family escaping on a boat to Guadalupe. Following this dramatic ending, fans expected an exciting new season. They did have an exciting season, in some ways.

The first episode kicks off with the main characters, Sarah, Kiara, John B, JJ, Pope and Cleo stranded on a deserted island. Within the first twenty-five minutes of the first episode, fans are already hit with a shocking turn of events. Fans are sent on a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the third season, but not everyone sees it in a good way. The opinions of fans vary heavily. Personally, I loved the show, but the new season just felt like a repeat of the seasons before.

The show has a diverse range of characters and issues to keep viewers emotionally engaged. The soundtracks are also consistent with very popular and interesting music selections that fans seem to love. The setting of the story ranges throughout each episode which helps to keep the viewers interested and give them a more in depth understanding of what’s going on.

Overall, the new season has intrigued many fans and keeps many fans wanting more. On the other hand, some people think that the show is too repetitive and it’s causing many fans to lose interest. The show fails to find an evoking reason to continue the show. The story line is stretched slightly too much. The treasure hunt and the problems that arise because of it are so similar throughout each season. In my opinion, the show was very repetitive and season three didn’t engage me like the other seasons were able to do. Although not everyone is a big fan of the new season, the creators still found a way to keep every episode entertaining and shocking.