Get to know Solon’s softball team

Comets Softball team

Comets Softball team

Solon High School’s varsity softball team started off their 2023 season with a 21-0 win against Euclid on April 3, 2023. The team went on to win 8-6 in a non-league game against Padua Franciscan the next day, the team then continued their winning streak with a 6-3 win against Strongsville on April 6, 2023. As of today, the team has attained a 5-5 record.

SHS junior Alexis Earle is playing her third year on varsity this season as the team’s shortstop. Earle leads the Ohio High School Girls Softball batting average stats for 2023 with a 0.714 batting average. Earle continues to show the same hitting success in her club season also.

“My favorite experience during the travel season was when we went to the championship and the game going up to that I hit the walk-off hit,” Earle said. “It was such a good feeling to be able to win that game to go on to the next.”

Earle plans to continue her softball career on a collegiate level and has already started looking for colleges and contacting coaches.

Along with Earle, SHS senior Juhi Kotwani has a 0.400 batting average with the fourth highest batting average for the team.

SHS junior Kaylinn Samuelraj is leading the team for pitching stats. Samuelraj has pitched 22.0 innings and attained 26 strike-outs.

SHS senior Becca Hurst is playing her senior season this year and her third varsity season. Hurt is the team’s third baseman and also a catcher.

“My favorite thing about softball is mainly the teamwork and cooperation,” Hurst said. “It’s really nice to escape and have everyone there supporting you.”

Hurst plans to end her softball career after this season. She currently coaches a 12u Sandlot travel team based in Mayfield. She plans to continue coaching or managing for a softball team in the future.

SHS junior Samantha Taylor is the team’s first baseman and is in her second year on the varsity team.

“My favorite thing about playing softball is all the friends I have made throughout all the years,” Taylor said. “The feeling of having a place to go where I can take my mind off of everything and have fun.”

Taylor is considering continuing her softball career on a collegiate level.

SHS freshman Elliana Berkowitz is playing her first varsity season this year as the team’s right fielder.

“My first goal was always to make the varsity team,” Berkowitz said. “After that, in the years throughout high school, my goal is to play in college.”

Berkowitz sustained an injury to her arm during a game against Brunswick on April 12. Berkowitz claims she is excited to get back to playing as soon as possible.