“HOPE” is here, NF’s new album

The cover of HOPE

The cover of “HOPE”

Setara Reddy, Staff Writer

The wait is over.

NF released his new album, “Hope” on April, 7 2023. With a total of 13 tracks. NF released his last album, “The Search” in 2019. Fans and critics have all been waiting eagerly for new music. “Hope” has made it to second place on Billboard’s Top 200. His songs “Hope,” “Careful” and “Happy” are the most popular on the album at the moment.

NF’s music has taken a change from his regular style, with the songs: “Running,” “Gone” and “Mistake,” where you can hear him sing clearly with instrumentals that are more acoustic, differing his original style with songs like “Careful,” “Turn My Back,” “Let Em Pray,” “Suffice” and “Pandemonium,” these songs are more aggressive and fast-paced. Then there are unique songs in NF’s traditional style like “Hope” and “Motto.”

The album itself goes through different stages of his life. In this album, he talks about recent events for him, like his son being born in the song “Bullet.” His faith is another theme in his songs. In “Let Em Pray” he says, “Conversations with the Lord should be every day.” He mentions the Lord a few times throughout his album.

Even while rapping about his faith, he doesn’t use the label of a Christian rapper, he just uses music to talk about his life and positivity, therefore his music isn’t just meant for the Christian community. Anyone can enjoy NF’s music.

Furthermore, he goes on to talk about his improvement with the Lord. His main goal is to follow his heart. While other people try to change NF to become a mainstream artist, he replies with these lyrics in “‘Motto:” “I could write a record full of radio songs, do a bunch of futures that my label would love, do a bunch of features that I don’t even like just to build up the hype, yeah, that sounds like a nightmare if you ask me.” He breaks stereotypes for most rappers, holding to his beliefs.

Although NF does have this recurring theme with his religious beliefs, he has other messages at the forefront. It’s not just Christian Rap. It’s a way for fans to connect with his music so people don’t feel alone in this world.

Moreover, his music allows people to truly relate to what he is going through. He even leaves little hidden Easter eggs for long-time fans in his songs. In his video for “Hope,” he switches the song up and part of his older song “Mansion” plays, and each door he walks into has visual references to previous albums he wrote.

Another Easter egg is found in the song “Hope” where he says, “What’s my definition of success, creating something no one else can,” which was a response to his former song in “The Search” album called “‘Why,” when he sang “What’s your definition of success, I don’t trust the thoughts that come inside my head.” This is an amazing way of adding depth to his songs and showing his progress mentally.

Overall, this album has innovative beats and styles that are unique to NF, differing from the norms of the music industry. He works with a producer known as Tommee Profitt who is known for cinematic beats. Giving NF’s classic eerie atmosphere to his music. It also helps to enhance the emotion involved, allowing the listener to feel truly immersed in his music.

My favorite songs are “Hope,” “Running” and “Bullet.” These songs resonated with me emotionally and give an empowering sense that I’m not alone. The lyrics are all written by NF, as a listener you can hear that it’s personally related to different stages of his life. He may not be a traditional mainstream artist, but he connects with his fans on an emotional level. He is one of the most creative and influential artists of this generation.