What to rock at your concerts this summer

Emma Wellman, Staff Writer

For concerts people tend to express themselves in extravagant outfits. Some fun, relevant trends for concerts show up at Coachella, a music festival in California. At concerts this summer, follow some of these trends based off of Coachella 2023 for the best outfits.

Y2K style

The fashion from the 2000’s are trending big again– low rise bottoms, bright colors, layering and baby tees to name a few.

To follow the Y2K style for summer concerts, look at Kendall Jenner’s basic but still fashionable Coachella outfit. She was seen wearing a cropped black tank top with black low rise jeans and strappy sandals. She accessorized with black oval sunglasses. Low rise jeans were definitely popular in the 2000’s. Lowrise is something seen on social media and TV all the time, and low rise looks good on anyone. Low rise shorts or skirts would be great options to use for a Y2K style this summer.


Denim is something so simple but was so trendy at Cochella this year. Something seen a lot is denim on denim, as well as different color denims and mixing denim colors. Making denim a part of your outfits is a simple way to stay in trend.

So many celebrities did denim on denim this year because it is simple and still fashionable. For example, Suki Waterhouse did an almost all denim look. She wore jeans, a denim bra top and a striped collared shirt paired with a blue handbag and white pointed toe shoes. She looked comfortable and effortless. You don’t need to try so hard for your outfits this summer. Sometimes less is actually more.

Suki Waterhouse, photo from Harper’s Bazaar.

Camila Morrone also wore a denim on denim look. She wore a denim jacket with a simple white t-shirt underneath with ripped jeans. She also wore black boots and black sunglasses. Once again, simple but effective.

Camila Morrone, photo from Harper’s Bazaar.

Maxi dresses and skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are a staple for a flowy and whimsical outfit. At Coachella and any concert, flowy and whimsical is a popular theme to follow. With long dresses and skirts, you look nice and put together but free and fanciful.

Charli D’Amelio wore a fanciful and free outfit. She wore a flowy white maxi dress with fishnet tights with black combat boots. The fishnets and black combat boots with the flowy white dress added a grunge look to a pretty white dress. The two styles come together really cohesively.

Charli D’Amelio, photo from Harper’s Bazaar.

Another person who did amazing with a maxi dress was Madison Bailey. She had a black bikini on with a sheer sparkly maxi cover up over top. She also paired brown boots and a mesh bag with this outfit. Her outfit is just a bathing suit and a maxi dress coverup but it looks so beachy and perfect for summer. This is an outfit basically anyone can recreate however they want.

Madison Bailey , photo from Harper’s Bazaar.

Overall, for your concerts this summer, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. But, these are some tips that you could follow to stay on trend.