Students leave school behind in exchange for summer jobs

Picture created by Jessica White.

Picture created by Jessica White.

Jessica White, Staff Writer

Since summer is fast approaching for SHS students, many are looking for summer jobs and ways to make quick cash.

Sophomore Cicily Skok doesn’t have a summer job yet, but has been on the hunt for awhile.

“I’ve applied to Pulp, Honey Hut and Office Max,” Skok said. “I recently applied to Pulp and Honey Hut, so it’s understandable that they haven’t gotten back to me. I had no luck with Office Max because… they did a background search on me and thought I graduated in 1989, and I never got a call back after that interview.”

Well some people have had interesting experiences finding summer jobs, others, such as sophomore Eliana Greenberg, have had no issues.

“I work with preschoolers at a daycare,” Greenberg said. “I’ve worked there for, I think, three years now, I started working there when I was 12.”

Other people are currently looking for a summer job that will make them a lot of money.

“I don’t currently have a job, but I am looking for applications,” Sophomore Aaron Choate said. “I’ve already applied to two places, and neither of them have gotten back to me. I applied last week, and now I’m just waiting.”

Everyone had a different reason for deciding to apply for summer jobs.

“My parents want me to [get a job] so I can pay for my gas,” Skok said. “I also want to get a job so I can have my own money and start to become more independent.”

Choate said that his parents were making him work, but he wanted to get a job for his own reasons too.

“It was my choice to get a summer job. I chose to work because of their pay rate,” said Zachary Littlejohn, who works at RollHouse.

Greenberg has been through both sides of the story– her parents making her, and wanting to work.

“At first my parents made me, and I worked with second graders, but then I got moved to preschoolers, and I chose to keep working there.” Greenberg said.

In order to help people apply for summer jobs, Skok said it was a good idea to apply early and get good recommendations from other people, and past employers (if you have them).

Choate gave one final piece of advice while looking for a summer job.

“Find one that pays you over ten dollars,” Choate said.