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Praise Fujamade: 2023-2024 Student Counsel Co-President

Praise Fujamade, STUCO Co-President.
Praise Fujamade, STUCO Co-President.

Praise Fujamade, senior and Student Counsel (STUCO) Co-President, is aiming to leave a legacy at Solon High School, as well as STUCO in general. Club advisor, Sean Fisher, is happy that members of STUCO voted her into the role.

Fujamade, originally from Detroit, moved to Kent, and then to Solon in 2022. According to Fujamade, attending three different schools has given her a “diversified experience” in approaching challenges and forming ideas for improvements and changes in her school environment. The thought processes and ideas she has brought from her previous communities is one of the reasons she was chosen for the role of Co-President.

“With the basic necessities which is being driven, being passionate, being heavily involved, I think the combination of those factors is what made me able to be considered for the position [of Co-President],” Fujamade said.

Sean Fisher, STUCO Club Advisor

STUCO Club advisor Seah Fisher views Fujamade as a strong leader.

“She is a great leader for the group, she cares really deeply about doing well,” Fisher said.

According to Fisher, Fujamade comes in almost everyday to his classroom to see if she needs anything done, even if she doesn’t have to.

Fujamade was in charge of getting the decorations for the Homecoming Dance this September as well as planning the pep rally and the crown ceremony.

Ruchira Patil, a senior and friend of Fujamade, has seen Fujamade doing what she does best. Working on projects for STUCO.

“She makes like all the posters for student council, during commons she’ll have humongous posters out,” Patil said.

Fujamade has been classified as a problem solver by both Fisher and Patil, as well as creative, thoughtful and determined.

“I could honestly see her like working for the FBI, like case files, going undercover, I could totally see her doing that,” Patil said.

Fujamade joined Student Counsel originally at her last school, Theodore Roosevelt High School.

“It was just one of the biggest and main activities they really had,” Fujamade said. “They didn’t really have the same amount of opportunities as Solon.”

After moving to Solon last year, she went to the first couple meetings and was surprised at the drive of the Solon members.

“Members here were just so much more motivated, so much more passionate,” Fujamade said.

She said those members inspired her to increase her own voice in school and STUCO in general.

“I would say that one thing we’ve really been aiming for and striving for is increased participation and involvement with the student community,” Fujamade said. “There’s no point in having these really big and fun and elaborate events if no one is participating.”

Specifically with the egg hunt last year during Easter, Fujamade and other members of STUCO wanted every grade to get involved with the festivities. And not only every grade, but people from all different backgrounds as well.

This year, STUCO and Fujamade aim to increase the scale of past events such as the Egg Hunt, Staff v. Student Basketball Game and Spirit Week.

“We want to have everyone involved, everyone being excited, everyone able to participate in school wide events and make our community better,” Fujamade said.

According to Fisher, Fujamade’s leadership capabilities is one of the reasons Fisher’s first year as club advisor has been so strong.

“She’s gonna be successful at whatever she chooses to do…just because of the quality of her personality and her character,” Fisher said. “And the fact that she throws herself into whatever she does one-hundred percent. Those types of people always succeed.”

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